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Convocation for Study Abroad

Study Abroad Convocation Process

Given the emphasis upon cultural activities in the Belmont University Study Abroad Program, the Religion/Ethics/Culture committee instituted the following policy: a student may receive two hours of convocation credit in the “Global Citizenship, Leadership, Diversity & the Professions” category for each academic course that a student completes on a Study Abroad program, up to a total of 10 convocation credit hours.

In order to receive Convocation credit in connection with participation in a Study Abroad program, you must:

  • complete the Study Abroad Convocation Approval Form
  • share your study abroad experience by assisting with an information session, Preview Day or a Study Abroad convocation program. Students who are Belmont Abroad Ambassadors are able to receive 10 convocation credits through the volunteer experience.
  • have the form signed by the Office of Study Abroad/Study Abroad program leader
  • submit the signed form to the Office of the Dean of Students (2nd floor Beaman Student Life Center).