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Field Education

Exploring one’s sense of vocation happens among complex interactions of classroom conversations, reading and critical thinking, and developing sustained relationships. An important element in this exploration process involves gaining experience within the varied fields of ministry and service. 

The Field Education experience in the College of Theology and Christian Ministry provides the opportunity for students to explore the varied ways they may live out their sense of vocation while receiving feedback and guidance from professional practitioners. 

Students will participate in ongoing (weekly) quality supervision by someone who is currently engaged in the profession and is, at the same time, well-qualified to supervise and to serve in a supportive role as counselor/mentor to the student.  One part of this objective will focus on evaluation—ongoing feedback that will assist the student in identifying strengths and weaknesses and in measuring progress/growth toward vocational goals/learning objectives. University faculty and staff, through the Field Education advisor will be a part of this supervision process and will work closely with the student and the assigned Field Supervisor.

The list below includes some of the opportunities available to students interested in Field Education at Belmont’s College of Theology and Christian Ministry:

World Relief -  “Journey” Tutoring & Mentor program with Children Refugee families
Room in the Inn - Art Therapy program
Local Congregational Ministries -  Youth, Children, Administration
Young Life
National Speakers/Writers
Artist/Speaker Management Agency

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For more information, contact Dr. Wayne Barnard