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Pre-Orientation Homework

What is Pre-Orientation Homework

The Pre-Orientation Homework website seeks to positively enhance the first year experience prior to attending Foundations.  The website will provide a general overview and explanation of the university's BELL Core Curriculum, the student's specific major area requirements and tutorials on how to use online registration tools through the MyBelmont website.

Completing the Pre-Orientation Homework will assist you in preparing for academic planning from your academic college at Foundations.  When you attend Foundations you will register for your fall semester courses.

Doing Your Homework

Pre-Orientation Homework launches in mid to late May.  Once the course has launched, first year students will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the Pre-Orientation Homework. First year students should complete the homework before attending Foundations.

Make sure to:

  • To pass each quiz with 100% to populate the next folder/section.
  • Review the Bell Core general education courses that interest you
  • Review courses in your major
  • Review how to use the online registration tools: classfinder & MyBelmont
Instructions on how to Access Pre-Orientation Homework

Click here to download a PDF with instruction on how to access the Pre-Orientation Homework.

  • Please note, the course does not open until mid to late May and students will receive an email once the course has launched. 

**Transfer & First Year Students admitted to the Honors Program do not need to complet the Pre-Orientation Homework.