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About Student Leadership

The Towering Traditions Orientation Program strives to empower student leaders to play a significant role in assisting new students in their transition to Belmont. As a student leader in this program you have the opportunity to influence a new generation of students who come to Belmont and what you do impacts their experience here. A student leadership position has the power to shape and influence the program and with that comes a great responsibility to Belmont, the new students and parents we serve.

The guiding principles for Student Directors, Orientation Assistants and Tower Team Leaders are based on the principle of servant leadership as demonstrated through Romans 12. This passage serves as a call to who we must be and how we must lead shaping our vision, mission and purpose.

Orientation Council
The Orientation Council is comprised of two student directors, eight orientation assistants and the director of New Student Orientation Programs. These executive level positions serve one full year starting in October and ending the following September. Throughout the year they implement, plan and execute orientation for more than 1,600 new students; recruit, select, hire and train approximately 150 Tower Team leaders and serve as the face of Belmont to countless parent and family members.

Tower Team Leader
The Tower Team leader is instrumental in aiding new students in their transition as they Become Belmont. These individuals are trained as leaders who unconditionally love and welcome each and every student in their Tower Team group. The entry-level position serves from Welcome Week in August through the first semester as the walk along side a group of new students educating them on Belmont’s rich community, culture and traditions.