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Orientation Council

2014 Orientation Council


Belmont University Towering Traditions New Student Orientation Programs are planned and facilitated by a dedicated group of students called the Orientation Council. This group of ten students share a desire to serve you during your transition to the Belmont community. They serve one full year and plan all the programs you will experience as a new student at Belmont. We encourage you to take a moment and meet the 2014 Towering Traditions Orientation Council.

Trevor BlackTrevor Black Picture

Sophomore, Biblical Studies
Indianapolis, IN
Coming from Indiana, Belmont was a completely new environment for me. I didn’t know anyone here, and I was probably the most terrified I’ve ever been in my life. However, the friends and connections I made through my orientation process inspired me to get involved with Greek Life and to be a TT Leader. I enjoy studying theology, and want to eventually teach at a university like Belmont. I really enjoy sharing life with people and the memorable experiences that come with that. We call Belmont a community for a reason, and I never thought I would love it as much as I do now.

Kasey Bradshaw

Junior, Social EntrepreneurshipKasey Bradshaw
Hartsville, SC
I come from a very small, rural town in South Carolina. I always knew I wanted to go to college far from my hometown and be in a bigger city. I randomly learned of Belmont and applied on a whim. After applying, I visited Belmont and I knew this was the place for me. I didn’t know anyone when I arrived at Belmont, but within the first year I found my sense of belonging within the Belmont community and it felt like home. During my time at Belmont, I have been involved in the TT community and intramural sports. I am so thankful to be a member of the 2014 OC and know that I’ll play a role in helping new students find their sense of belonging in this community.

Julia CouchJulia Couch Picture

Sophomore, Public Relations
Louisville, KY
I grew up in a town much like Nashville, and attended an all girls' Catholic high school. I knew everyone in my graduating class, and I knew my teachers outside of school. Community was at my core, and something I didn't want to lose when coming to college. Not only did I find my community here, I have grown more than I ever thought possible. Through studying Public Relations, being involved in Greek life and Bruin Recruiters, I have learned what it means to be my truest self. I have found my home here at Belmont, and it's the best decision I've ever made.

Jeff KingJeff King Picture

Sophomore, Biology
Murfreesboro, TN
I am from a town about 40 minutes away from Nashville, but I never experienced the city of Nashville like I have here at Belmont. I came to a few Belmont tours during high school, and every time I fell more and more in love with this campus. Being involved in Greek Life and a TT Leader, it made me realize what my passion is to serve and lead others in the Belmont community. This community has strengthened my faith and reinforced my decision to pursue a career in the medical field. I hope to utilize the knowledge and skills I have learned at Belmont to impact the world through healing others who cannot afford to receive proper medical care.

Dani McCleave

Sophomore, Studio ArtDanielle McCleave Picture
Dallas, Texas
I was born in Orlando, Florida, but grew up for the most part in a suburb south of Dallas, Texas. I am the youngest child of four; so to say the least my house was always bustling. I came from a very large high school with a graduating class of about 600, so I was looking for a smaller school that had a strong community. Belmont really provided that for me because I felt at home from the first time I came. I am an honors studio art major, Italian minor, and I love the community I found at Belmont. Through being involved in different on and off campus organizations, I can truly say that my spiritual path has flourished as I continue to learn the true meaning of being a servant leader.

Megan RichardsonMegan Richardson Picture

Junior, Social Entrepreneurship
Poplar Bluff, MO
I grew up in the social hub of the universe. And by social hub I mean people hang out at Walmart for entertainment. Coming to Belmont, I was afraid I'd be lost in the big city, but I found that Nashville really does have that small town feel. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. From the moment I stepped onto campus for orientation to now, three years later, Belmont has become my second home. Through my involvement in Greek Life, Bruin Recruiters, Residence Life and College Republicans, I have found friends that became family and made memories I will never forget. I have been so incredibly blessed to be a part of the Belmont community.

Jessi VaughnJessi Vaughn

Sophomore, Music Business
Nolensville, TN
I grew up in a small town just south of Nashville and even though home is relatively close to Belmont, I did not know many people coming in my freshman year. I fell in love with the TT community and knew that was where I wanted to find my home at Belmont. As a music business major, I have fallen in love with the city of Nashville all over again due to my Belmont experiences and having a wonderful community of people to share in these experiences. Belmont is home and this community is my family.

Garrison Wash

Junior, Religion and the ArtsGarrison Wash Picture
Odessa, TX
Like so many people, I came from a small town and moved to Nashville in hopes that I would figure out who I was and make a life for myself. Belmont has been such a milestone in my life and without question I will always remember how God has shaped me using the experiences I’ve had with the faculty and student body. I am entirely grateful for the privilege to be integrated into such an exuberant community. Here at Belmont, I have met my closest friends, endured my hardest seasons, committed to one day becoming a pastor, and have made incredible memories. The life that I have experienced here at Belmont has shaped me and because of this I can not wait to see what the rest of life holds.

Sarah WilsonSarah Wilson Picture

Junior, Communication Studies
Brentwood, TN
I grew up in Brentwood, TN and attended a small private high school. Coming to Belmont challenged me to search for community in different areas than I previously had in high school. I got involved in Greek life, joined the Dance Company, various honor societies, and become a TT leader. I am a Communication Studies major and a French minor, and eventually I want to be an event planner. Belmont has provided me a place to grow and develop my talents, and I am blessed to be a part of its community.

Jonny WooJonny Woo Picture

Sophomore, Business Management
Rochester, NY
While attending high school in upstate New York, I always knew that I wanted to attend college somewhere far from home. Fortunately, I was able to find Belmont University. It only took me a few days to fall in love with Belmont and all that it has to offer. So far I have become a part of Student Government, Greek Life, ENACTUS, Bruin Recruiters, and have been fortunate to serve the new students while being a part of the Orientation Council. Every day I am reminded of how great a community Belmont has and I am so blessed to call this place my home away from home.

Janessa DunnJanessa Dunn Picture

Graduate Assistant, Masters in Higher Education
Birmingham, AL
I am currently a first-year graduate student pursuing a Master of Education degree in Higher Education Administration at Vanderbilt University. I am a native of Birmingham, AL and a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University where I earned a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish. Because of my robust experience as an orientation leader, student ambassador, and leadership curriculum adviser, I have decided to focus my career efforts in enrollment management, more specifically admissions and orientation, and student leadership development. I am absolutely thrilled to begin working in the Office of New Student and Parent Programs at Belmont University and I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon!