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The BELL Core, the name of Belmont’s distinctive General Education curriculum, is shorthand for The Belmont Experience: Learning for Life.  As students progress through their undergraduate education, they will come to discover that General Education at Belmont is far more than introductory courses that students “get out of the way” before pursuing courses in majors or minors.  Instead, the BELL Core is truly a core—a common intellectual and academic experience shared by every student in every program of study. 

Bell Core Courses

First Year

  • First-Year Seminar - The first course in Belmont’s General Education program (the BELL Core), introduces students to the intellectual skills they will need to be a successful college student and an educated citizen after they leave Belmont.  The course hinges on the bedrock issues of lifelong learning:  What is Knowledge?
  • First-Year Writing - First-Year Writing is designed to prepare students for the demands of college and help them write more effectively for various audiences and academic areas on campus.
  • Learning Community courses, also known as "links” - It is critical to integrate what students learn in one class with what they learn in another, no matter how different their disciplines may appear. In a student’s first year at Belmont, they will take two courses linked by the same topic or issue.

 Second Year

  • Speech
  • Mathematics
  • 1000-level Religion (first of two courses)

 Third Year

  • Junior Cornerstone Seminar - Once students are well launched in their major, Junior Cornerstone Seminar (JCS) will call them back to the broader academic program of their university education, offering another enriched learning experience.
  • Third-Year Writing - By the time students are a junior, they will be a more sophisticated thinker. This more intense writing course gives them the chance to put that deeper thinking into better writing. Reinforcing the value of writing at this point will sharpen the skills they’ll need to make the most of the final stages of college and in their lives and work beyond Belmont.
  • 3000-level Religion class (second of two courses)

 Fourth Year

  • Senior Capstone Seminar - The Senior Capstone emphasizes the fourth stage of cognitive development: reflection. Students will explore the central theme of “What is a Meaningful Life?” as they reflect on how the various components of the BELL Core curriculum mesh with the specifics of their major. Students will examine the challenges and growth they have experienced at Belmont and then explore how these experiences will inform and guide their future. The Senior Capstone is designed to support students through the transition from college to life after Belmont.

By 128 Credit Hours, students will complete all other General Education 'Human Experience' courses for their respective degree.