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Disability Services


Students with disabilities, who have requests for exam accommodations, note taking assistance and other accessible needs are to make their request known to the Office of the Dean of Students, Disability Services (DS).  DS oversees Belmont University’s reasonable accommodation process to help provide equal access for students participating in all university programs and services. 

Similar to high school, services are setup consistent with both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  However, accommodation procedures are different in the university setting in that students must qualify and register for services first in order to receive approved Accommodation Forms to provide to their professors.  All disability documentation is kept confidential in the DS office and only the approved accommodations are included on the Forms.


Students requesting disability accommodations should contact the Dean of Students office, DS, prior to the semester of enrollment to initiate the following steps for services.

Step One: Have your student’s disability documented by a qualified professional.  Click this link for Disability Services required documentation guidelines.

Step Two: Send your student’s disability documentation, a letter that indicates the student’s specific request and return mailing address to:  Attn: Disability Services, Dean of Students Office, Belmont University, 1900 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37212 or fax to (615) 460-6497.

Step Three: Once your student’s request and disability documentation have been reviewed using the documentation guidelines, information will be sent to them providing whether the request has been approved.   If approved for services, your student will receive information for scheduling a Disability Services Orientation meeting to pick up their individualized Accommodation Forms to provide to their professors in order to implement the accommodations.  Students not approved for disability accommodations will receive a letter indicating the reason and include the type of information necessary to have their request reviewed again. 

Step Four: To implement approved accommodations, students are responsible for meeting with the DS staff to request and pick up their Accommodation Forms each semester.  All Forms must be signed by the student and professor then returned to Disability Services to complete the process.  Accommodations are to be requested in a reasonable amount of time in order to review and implement arrangements for the upcoming semester.  Accommodations are not provided retroactive from the date approved so please initiate your request early.  Visit the Disability Services website at www.belmont.edu/disability

For further questions, contact the Dean of Students Office at 615-460-6407.

For further questions, contact the Dean of Students Office at 615-460-6407.