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Student Activities - Involvement


At Belmont, becoming a Bruin is more than just getting a degree. Co-curricular involvement is a vital part of the overall collegiate student experience.  It provides students the opportunity to apply what they are learning inside the classroom to their lives outside of the class.  Co-curricular involvement enhances student learning and cognitive, psychosocial, moral and ethical development. Students develop greater self-knowledge of their talents and strengths as well as improving their leadership competence and the capacity to mobilize themselves and others to serve and work collaboratively (Kuh, 2009). This involvement through student activities prepares students for personal and professional success beyond graduation (Astin & Astin, 1996).

Student Engagement & Leadership Development exists to support and promote campus engagement in order to ensure a vibrant and engaging campus community that enhances the student co-curricular experience.  In fostering a learning lab environment, Student Activities supports campus programming which includes campus-wide events, educational programs, organization-specific programming, and leadership development opportunities. There will be many ways for your son or daughter to become a Bruin, two of which include the BruinLink Fair and Greek Life recruitment occurring during the first weeks of August.

During Welcome Week this August, your daughter or son will have the opportunity to attend the BruinLink Fair. This fair is designed to introduce them to over 120 student organizations currently at Belmont, and provide a way in which to connect their interests to becoming engaged on-campus. At the BruinLink Fair, organizations from various areas will be represented, including faith development organizations, sport clubs, Curb College organizations, and Greek organizations, etc.

Over the summer, your student will receive information regarding Greek Life recruitment at Belmont. Greek Life is a values-focused and values-driven, inclusive community at Belmont. Currently around 19% of the Belmont undergraduate student population is a member of a fraternity or sorority.  NPC and IFC recruitment will occur during the first few weeks of the fall semester.

If your daughter is interested in Delta Sigma Theta Inc. please contact Sarah Rigsby, Assistant Director of Student Engagement & Leadership Development as NPHC recruitment timelines differ from NPC and IFC.

While Greek Life is a valuable avenue for your son or daughter to become engaged in campus life, many students find themselves becoming a Bruin through student organization involvement, support of athletic teams, or participation in various campus-wide events.

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