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Getting Involved

We are SO excited that you have joined us at Belmont as a transfer student! You will be swept up into everything that it means to be a Bruin and become a strong member of this community.  Belmont is a different place than your last institution and we want to make sure you are successful here. We’ll help you navigate how Belmont works and get you connected with the interests in which your strengths lie.

Get Connected, Get Involved
You’ve been to college before.  You get that you own your experience.  Check out and take advantage of some of these different opportunities:

Leadership Opportunities

  • Tower Team Leader
  • Residence Life Community Councils
  • Resident Assistant
  • Start a Club/Org
  • Student Government Association

  • Clubs & Orgs
  • Greek Life
  • RA Programs & Events: These are events that RAs sponsor in your complex.  They can be both social and educational and are great ways to meet new people and learn new things!  Check them out!
  • Service through UM
  • Immersion Trips
  • The MOB (School spirit & athletic support): Motivational Organization of Belmont. This group faithfully cheers on our athletic teams.  They are always looking for members!   Anyone can join just contact the athletics office or look for the craziest fans in the stands to find out how to join.
  • Convocation: It’s more than a graduation requirement it’s a way to learn something new that you never thought you would.  Step out of your comfort zone will attending “convos” and gain a new perspective on something.
Campus Events: Fall

  • Life Under the Tower
  • Greek Recruitment: Every September you have the opportunity to rush a Sorority or Fraternity and being part of a tight knit community that represents some of the best of Belmont.
  • Fall Follies: This student run production is a Belmont tradition that takes place each fall.  It is a fun, upbeat variety show with skits, music and lots of laughter all based on Belmont events and students.  Seats are limited and people start lining up 1 hour before the doors open.
  • First on the Floor
Campus Events: Spring

  • Homecoming
  • Greek Sing
  • Bruin Den Day
The Belmont Experience

Being successful at Belmont looks different than at your last institution.  Make sure that you understand and know the different campus policies, procedures and graduate requirements.

  • Bruin Commitments and Code of Conduct
  • Bruin Guide
  • Convocation: Purpose & Graduation Requirements
  • Tobacco Free Policy
  • Substance Free Policy
  • Residence Hall Visitation Policies
  • Office of Student Conduct