Convocation Portfolio Method

All University College students are required to participate in Belmont's Convocation program, which is a part of your degree program. An overview of the Convocation program can be found on the Convocation website . Information and forms relevant to University College students can be found below:

How many hours of Convocation do you need in your degree program? Check out the Convocation Requirements for University College Students.

How can you earn Convocation credits? University College students can earn Convocation credits through the following options:

  • Attend a University sponsored Convocation event where your Student Id is scanned and credit is tracked in your BIC account.
  • Because most adult students are not able to attend Convo events offered during the work day, you may complete your Convocation requirements by attending outside events in the community or through your work that match the required Convocation categories and submit a portfolio documenting your participation in the event. Submit the University College Portfolio Form to the University College Office in 204 Fidelity Hall.
  • Community Service Convocation is managed through the Office of the Dean of Students. Complete the Community Service form and submit to the Office of the Dean of Students in the Beaman Student Life Center located in the Beaman St. Life Center - Concourse Level.

How Do You Receive Credit?

  • You can check the status of your Convocation requires and Convocation completed by logging into your BIC account and clicking My Convocation Credits located on the BIC home page.
  • Submit your reflection papers by the 30th of each month. We input this information into the system by the 15th of every month. For example, if you submit a Convocation reflection paper on August 27, you should see it in the online system by September 15.
  • File the appropriate paperwork within the semester in which the Convocation hours were earned. This applies to all categories of Convocation hours, with the exception of community service.
  • You can earn one credit for every event you attend that lasts from 1-4 hours in length. You can earn two credits for programs that are 5-8 hours in length. For example: 2 hour play = one credit, 4 hour scripture class = one credit, 6 hour workshop = 2 credits. Please note, however, that Community Service offers an hour for hour match.
  • Make sure to get your ID card scanned at campus events, and you should see that information reflected in the online system soon after attending the event.