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2016 -2017 Faith Development Organizations, Affiliated Groups, & Graduate Fellowships

In recognition of Belmont's ecumenical diversity, University Ministries seeks to provide opportunities for spiritual formation that meet specific personal or denominational needs.  There are a variety of student led Faith Development Organizations and Affiliate Groups that meet together to worship, pray, study, and serve.  These groups meet at different times during the week and are a great chance to get plugged into community!

If you have specific questions about Faith Development Organizations/Fellowships, or about spiritual formation programs at Belmont, contact Associate University Minister, Christy Ridings.

                         Community Groups                                          Description                                   Meeting Times

Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)

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As students who practice Southern Baptist traditions, Baptist Campus Ministries has a tradition of performing nine core tasks that are in alignment with Belmont's vision and values.

Monday at 7:30 p. m. 

Location:University Ministries Lounge

Belmont Catholic Community (BCC)

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belmont catholics

Belmont Catholic Community is a tight knit group of students devoted to growing in their Catholic faith.  Through the Holy Sacraments, The Holy Catholic Mass, Friendship, and Fellowship.  We aim to create a community of believers dedicated to supporting one another throughout our college careers.  At the heart of BCC are students from all backgrounds and majors who, through their faith, are able to foster long lasting friendships rooted in Christ.

Thursday, 7:30 p. m.

Location: University Ministries Lounge

Belmont Wesley Fellowship (BWF)

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Belmont Wesley's purpose is to lead students in experiences of God's love and grace in Jesus Christ.  Come join us for communal study of scripture, worship, prayer, fellowship, and service!A

Tuesday, 8:00 p. m.

Location: University Ministries Lounge

Belmont Bridge Builders

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Belmont Bridge Builders is established for the expressed purpose of fostering community and discussion between the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community on campus and the university at large.  Bridge Builders will strive to foster examination of the intersection of faith and issues of sexuality through student led discussion, use of diverse guest speakers, social events, and convocation events on Belmont's campus. 

Friday, 4 p. m.

Location: University Ministries Lounge

Chadasha Gospel Choir

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Chadasha Gospel Choir is a student led music ministry. The Hebrew translation of Chadasha is "renew" or "refresh" as used in Psalm 51:10. As a music ministry, we feel a calling to renew and refresh believers through our worship and other acts of service. Besides going out into the community, we grow as a family through weekly Bible study, worship, outreach, social events, and crazy Chadashan fun

Thursday, 7 p. m. 

Location: Belmont Heights Church

Troutt Theater Annex


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CRU Facebook

CRU exists to give every student at Belmont every opportunity to know and follow Jesus Christ. We invite you to be part of an authentic community of people who are actively seeking a relationship with Christ through discipleship and evangelism

Thursday, 6:00 p. m. 

Location: University Ministries Lounge


Delight Bible Study

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Delight Ministries

Delight is a college women's community that grows together, serves together, learns together, and does life together while chasing the heart of God. 

Friday, 10:00 a. m. 

Location: University Ministries Lounge

Ukirk Belmont

Ukirk Facebook

Ukirk Nashville, formerly Presbyterian Student Fellowship, is a Christian community dedicated to experiencing Christ on campus through worship, mission, and fellowship. 

Wednesday, 10 a. m. 

Bongo Java

Thursday, 6:30 p. m.

St. Augustine's Chapel


InterVarsity Facebook

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an organization that follows Jesus to love and serve Belmont and desires to build communities of grace in every culture and corner of Belmont's campus

Tuesday, 6:00 p. m. 

Location: University Ministries Lounge

The Navigators

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Our aim, summed up in the phrase, "To know Chirst and make Him known," is to establish Belmont men and women to know Jesus authentically as disciples and be transformed by the Gospel within the context of a community that does life together. As the Gospel is outward flowing, our community is outward focused as we train and equip Belmont students to be spiritual leaders who make disciples for the rest of their lives, wherever the Lord takes them!

Wednesday, &;00 p. m. 

Location: Vanderbilt University Stevenson Building, Rm 4309

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

RUF FacebookRUF Twitter

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RUF is here for the convinced and the unconvinced, the lost and the found, the burdened and the broken. We want to challenge students, encouraging them to think, and to take seriously their vocation and how the gospel impacts all of life.

Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. 

Southside Community Church

Young Life

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Young Life is an organization that strives to give adolescents the chance to meet Jesus as well as grow in their faith. This is accomplished through college students who are willing to invest in the lives of high school students all throughout Nashville.

Monday, 8:00 p. m. 

Location: Young Life House

1515 16th Ave. S

Nashville, TN 31215

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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RUF FacebookRUF Twitter

To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Wednesday, 7:00 p. m. 

Location: Beaman Student Life Center

Beaman B

Graduate Fellowships
Christian Pharmacy Fellowship International Our organization's focus is to provide an uplifting environment for students and to fellowship with other believers. Throughout the year CPFI is involved in service events in the community.

For meeting times, please contact Josh Riedel at

Nurses Christian Fellowship

In response to God's love, grace, and truth: The purpose of Belmont Nurse's Christian Fellowship is to be an organization of students who follow Jesus as savior and Lord: growing in love- for God, God's word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture as well as God's purpose at Belmont University, Nashville, and the world in which we come in contact.

For meeting times, please contact Josh Riedel at

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society is an organization that exists to inspire, encourage, and equip lawyers and law students, both individually and in community, to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study and practice of law, the defense of religious freedom, and the provision of legal assistance to the poor.

For meeting times, please contact Josh Riedel at