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You don't normally get up so early on Saturday, but your friends told you about this program, about the amazing kids they got to hang out with, and besides, you know that a chance to get 5 convo credits in one day is a good one. So you roll out of bed and head off, a little unsure of what to expect, but a little excited as well.

You're going into.nashville.

As a unique convocation-credit program, into.nashville exposes Belmont students to the diverse communities of Nashville, offers students an education in how to engage and embrace those segments of society so often ignored by the upwardly mobile, and gives students a glimpse into how others in Nashville are seeking to transform the world. Every student that participates goes into.nashville gets 5 total convocation credits.

Each event is a little different. Sometimes your group will be serving alongside our neighbors who happen to be homeless. Sometimes, we gather information to aid in the help against human trafficking in Nashville. Sometimes we work with kids who are trying hard to read at their own grade level.

But every time, we have a chance to learn what issues face our urban neighbors. We explore what is being done all over this city for the sake of those most often forgotten. We listen to ways in which God is already at work around us, and for ways in which God calls us to join that work.

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If you have specific questions about into.nashville, or about outreach programs at Belmont, contact Heather Daugherty.