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into.nashville FAQ

 Why does Belmont offer into.nashville?

In short, Belmont believes that forming students as persons of faith requires not just intellectual growth (though it does require that), but also bodily action as well. into.nashville offers students an education in how to engage and embrace those segments of society so often ignored by the upwardly mobile, and a glimpse into how others in Nashville are seeking to transform the world.

Who can participate?

into.nashville™ is a program geared toward freshmen, but any Belmont student is welcome to sign up. Space for each event is quite limited, however, so it is best to sign up as early as possible.

What can I expect?

Each event is different, based on the particular group or organization that we're working with. However, you can expect to spent time learning about the organization and the issues they face. You can expect a glimpse at the lives of the people they serve. You can expect some light manual labor for a few hours, interacting with diverse groups of people. We usually end the day by reflecting God's mission in the world and God's call on our lives through the people and situations we encounter.

What should I wear? What should I bring? What are we going to do on the day I signed up for?

A week before each event, you'll receive an email with instructions on what to wear, what you should bring, and what the day's schedule and activities will be, so you can come fully prepared to engage at every level.

I don't need all of those convos. Can I just come for part of the day?

No, into.nashville™ is an integrative experience, and each step plays a vital role in the students' experience. But each event takes no longer than a morning or an afternoon, and each is guaranteed to offer a life-changing look into Nashville not always offered to students.

What if I want to keep serving at the site I visit?

Fantastic! There are a number of options. First, you can always make arrangements directly with the site and set up a time to meet about volunteering. Belmont also has city.teams, which are groups of students who serve regularly at various places throughout the city - there may be a city.teamthat serves at your site (or very similar sites) that could provide you with a place to meet friends while you volunteer (as well a chance to reflect, decompress, plan further projects, carpool, etc.) You are most certainly welcome to discuss any of this with Belmont's Director of Outreach, Micah Weedman, who can be reached at

Can I participate in more than one into.nashville™?

Yes! Again, though, space is limited for each event, so it is important to sign up for the one(s) you want in advance.

What if I sign up, but then I can't come?

It's very important that you let us know that you won't be able to attend - into.nashville- is very popular, and spaces are in high demand. If you are unable to attend and let us know, we can fill that space with someone from the waiting list. If you are unable to attend and don't let us know, we are unable to fill that space. Therefore, if you sign up for an event and are a no-show, you will be blocked from signing up for any other into.nashville events for the remainder of the semester.