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Letter From University Minister

Welcome to the Office of University Ministries!

We're glad you chose Belmont University to pursue your educational aspirations. It is our hope that your time here will be meaningful in a number of ways. It is also our hope that you will be open to God's working in your life during your time with us. At Belmont, we desire to walk alongside you during these incredibly formative years of your life. Your spiritual formation and leadership development are our primary concern. The professional and student staff of the Office of University Ministries are pleased to journey with you during your time here at Belmont.

As we walk together, it is our hope that you will be challenged in your faith - to make it your own and to grow it deeper - as well as to put your faith into practice in a variety of ways.  As you engage your faith in community settings and through service opportunities, and as you pursue the guiding of God's hand during your years at Belmont, we believe that He will continue to shape you into the person He has created you to be as He leads you towards the place He desires to use you in the world.

Our commitment to you is both professional and personal. We've created 'formal' programs and events that help you connect with your peers, mature in your faith, refine your leadership skills, practice what you've learned and believe, serve the community - both locally and globally, and have lots of fun in the process.  We also desire to connect with you informally - grabbing a cup of coffee, meeting for lunch, or walking and talking through campus. We're committed to knowing you personally and challenging you to grow in your faith and put it into practice.

The links on this page will introduce you to some of our staff and ministry opportunities. Feel free to explore them at your convenience, and then give us a call or drop us an e-mail with any interests and questions they prompt.


University Minister