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Worship is the communal affirmation of the holiness of God. One of the most beautiful things about the Body of Christ is its diversity; what this affirmation looks like for one group might be very different than for another group. In a place like Belmont that is home to people who live out their Christian faith in a variety of ways, a campus-wide culture of worship will necessarily reflect the diversity of the Body of Christ. By focusing on this understanding of worship, we can encourage the fluid movement from worship to service, missions and discipleship.


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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in The Chapel at 10am we will gather together as a campus community to worship, pray, meditate and reflect on God's word. Chapel hopes to be one of those community unifying experiences that unites us all under the Lordship of Christ as we come together in song and attentive spirit. We hope you will join us for this significant time.  Co-sponsored by the Office of Spiritual Development.  Click here for speaker information. For information on past chapel speakers, click here.


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If you have specific questions about Worship, or Emphasis weeks at Belmont, contact Alysia Green.