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Times Square, NY City

Belmont East - New York City

Belmont East Internship Program: New York City

Belmont East pairs academic and experiential learning with an internship in the heart of New York City.  You will complete general education and major specific courses while working at your internship and living in New York City for a semester. Courses are taught by Belmont University faculty and local industry professionals serving as adjunct faculty.

Program Curriculum

You will take three to four courses concurrently with your internship. A selection of Belmont courses will be available online and/or onsite, including: 3rd Year Writing, Junior Cornerstone, Internship and a selection of courses in your major or for General Education credit.


Internships are required. You may work up to full-time hours with your internship while attending academic classes at night or online. It is your responsibility to secure the internship. There are many resources on campus to assist with that process, including the internship coordinator for your college and Belmont's Office of Career and Professional Development.

Program Details



  • Eligibility & Selection Process
  • Program Dates
  • Costs
  • Credit
  • Housing
  • Application Deadlines

Belmont East Program Staff

Belmont East is administered by staff in both Nashville and New York City. In Nashville, the Belmont USA Program Coordinator manages the application and pre-departure processes and communicates with all students prior to their arrival in New York City. In New York City, the Belmont East Onsite Administrator coordinates move-in and mentors you through your internship experience.

Belmont East/West Interim Program Coordinator: Jess Lancaster - Nashville: e-mail Jess

Belmont East Onsite Administrator: Siobhan Harren - New York