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Belmont USA in Washington D.C.

Belmont USA in Washington D.C.

Belmont University partners with the Washington Internship Institute to offer academic and experiential learning with an internship in the heart of Washington, D.C. The mission of the Washington Internship Institute is to foster students’ intellectual, personal, and professional development through quality internships and challenging academic coursework that take full advantage of the opportunities in the nation’s capital.

Program Curriculum

Four days out of the week, you will contribute to meaningful projects and tasks in professional settings as part of the Internship.

The other day of the week, you will take two courses—the Core Course (3 credit hours) and the Internship Seminar (3 credit hours)—designed to enhance your internship experience and future career.  WII’s faculty includes top policy professionals and leading academics who guide you in examining policy issues. You may choose your core course which include:
•    Inside Washington:  Politics and Policy  
•    International and Foreign Policy Studies
•    Global Health Policy Studies
•    Global Women’s Leadership Development
•    Environmental Law and Policy Studies


Internships are required and an integral part of the Belmont USA in Washington D.C. experience. Washington Internship Institute will assist you in securing your internship - learn more about their processes here. You will meet with the internship coordinator in your college to discuss the process for earning academic credit for your internship and courses taken at Washington Internship Institute.

Program Details



  • Eligibility & Selection Process
  • Program Dates
  • Costs
  • Credit
  • Housing
  • Application Deadlines
Belmont USA and Washington Internship Institute Program Staff

Belmont USA in Washington D.C. is administered by staff in Nashville and Washington, D.C. In Nashville, the Belmont USA Program Coordinator manages the application and pre-departure processes and communicates with all students prior to their arrival in Washington D.C.  In Washington D.C, the Washington Internship Institute mentors you through your internship experience.

Belmont USA Coordinator: Jess Lancaster - Nashville: e-mail Jess