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Request Disability Accommodations

Students who will be requesting reasonable accommodations for a disability must first be accepted for admission to Belmont University. Eligibility must then be established through the Office of Accessibility Services before services can be provided.   Therefore, any student requesting reasonable accommodations for a disability will need to  submit their specific accommodation request(s) along with a copy of their current diagnostic documentation of the disability to the Office of Accessibility Services for review using the Accommodation Request Application at the bottom of the page.

The student's documentation will be reviewed to determine eligibility of services and, if approved, the student will be notified to contact the Office of Accessibility Services to schedule an orientation meeting. The orientation meeting will help familiarize the student with the university procedures and must be completed before the staff can make any reasonable accommodation recommendations to faculty. Afterwards, the student will receive their individualized Accommodation Form(s) to provide to and discuss with each professor to have the accommodations administered. Disability accommodations are not retroactively implemented. For example, if a student chooses not to submit his or her approved Accommodation Form to their professor, then later changes his or her mind, the accommodation will not begin until the Form has been provided to and confirmed with the professor.

All disability accommodations are determined on an individual bases considering the student's specific request, diagnostic documentation, history of accommodations and course requirements.  At the university level, the student is responsible for initiating their accommodations request through the Office of Accessibility Services and providing the necessary supporting documentation for review when accommodation services are needed.  On average, the process takes at least two weeks to complete so please contact the Office of Accessibility Services. If the student's documentation does not meet all of the requirements listed from the documentation guidelines, the process may be delayed. 

For specific documentation information, please review the documentation guidelines or contact the Office of Accessibility Services Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CST at (615) 460-6407. To initiate a disability accommodation request, complete all sections of the Accommodation Request Application and upload your documentation for review.