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Belmont nursing student

What You'll Study

13 Nursing Courses. Combined In-Person and Online Course Delivery.

Courses Offered in the Fall Semester
  • NUR 4060: Pathophysiology/Pharmacology III (2 credit hours) IN PERSON/ONE DAY A WEEK *Also Offered in the Summer
  • NUR 4020: Health Care: Populations and Their Contexts (3 credit hours) IN PERSON/ONE DAY A WEEK
  • NUR 4030 & NUR 4031: Care Management IV & Experiential Learning IV (5 credit hours) PORTFOLIO/CREDIT BY EXAM
  • NUR 4220: Preceptorship (2 credit hours)
  • NUR 4015: Senior Nursing Capstone (3 hours) IN PERSON/ONE DAY A WEEK
  • NUR 3350: Therapeutic Nutrition (2 credit hours) ONLINE *Also Offered in Summer
Courses Offered in the Spring Semester
  • NUR 1600: Wellness, Assessment & Health Promotion (3 credit hours) IN PERSON/ONE DAY A WEEK
  • NUR 2290: Nurse as Researcher (2 credit hours) ONLINE/8-WEEKS
  • NUR 3100: Nurse as Scholar (2 credit hours) ONLINE/8 WEEKS
  • NUR 3200: Nurse as Team Member (2 credit hours) IN PERSON/ONE DAY A WEEK
  • NUR 4200: Nurse as Leader (3 credit hours) IN PERSON/ONE DAY A WEEK
  • NUR 4500: Family Practice: Aging Adult (2 credit hours) ONLINE

Additional Requirements

RN to BSN students must complete the same degree requirements as all other BSN students at Belmont. You may have already completed many of these classes in your associate degree or diploma program. Eligible credits can be transferred to meet these requirements. 

Keep in mind that you will need a total of 128 credit hours–and to transfer or complete the courses listed below (or their equivalents)–to graduate.If additional BELL Core/general education classes are required to finish your degree, you may take them during the program, during summer months, or after finishing the prescribed nursing course sequence. You may choose to take those general education courses during the day, in our eight-week evening format, or online if offered.


  • BIO 1030: Biological Sciences: Microbiology (4 hours)
  • BIO 2230: Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 hours)
  • BIO 2240: Human Anatomy & Physiology II (4 hours)
  • PSY 2800: Life Span Development (3 hours)


PART I BELL Core: Signature Courses
  • BEL 1015: First Year Seminar (3 hours) **
  • Interdisciplinary Learning Community (one course)
  • Junior Cornerstone (0 or 3 hours - hours may be combined in another category) **
  • ENG 1010: First Year Writing (3 hours)
  • ENG 3010: Third Year Writing (3 hours) **
  • Religion - (6 hours either Path A or Path B)
** Non-transferable courses/must be taken at Belmont
Part 2 BELL Core: Foundation Courses
Part 3 BELL Core: Degree Cognates

According to the academic catalog, students should choose Degree Cognates in a different subject than the courses applying to the Foundations Courses (choose from 2 different prefixes).

  • Math 1151: Elementary Statistics for the Sciences (3 hours)
  • Science: PSY 1100 General Psychology (3 hours) OR PSY 1200 Intro to Psych. Science (4 hours)
  • CEM 1020: General Organic, and Biochemistry (3 hours)