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Film Acting Minor


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The Theatre minor in Film Acting will provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the world of film performance through a coordinated program of study appropriate for the designation of a minor. This new minor will offer flexibility for students while providing a concentrated pool of courses that will give depth and focus to both the practical and theoretical aspects of film acting and theatre production.

Combining introductory courses in film and theatre, the new Theatre minor in Film Acting may be especially intriguing to those students who are majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to minor in an area of performance, supporting Belmont's vision to bring together the best of liberal arts and professional education in its interdisciplinary approach.

Students who complete the Theatre minor in Film Acting will gain a strong foundation in film acting skills; acting methods and techniques in a variety of performance media and contexts (self-tapes, reels, and auditions); the elements of film production related to acting for the camera; the knowledge of important aspects of the film industry; and an appreciation of working in teams on a variety of creative projects and performances.

Film Acting minors are eligible to audition for all department Main Stage productions.