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Student Rights & Responsibilities

  • Students/Organizations participating in the inquiry may be accompanied by an advisor (optional); however, they must be a member of the Belmont community (i.e. faculty, staff, or student). Parents and/or attorneys are not allowed to participate in the adjudication process. Advisors are not allowed to speak on a student’s behalf, they are merely there for support and may be removed if they become disruptive. 
  • Students/Organizations may bring witnesses that have relevant information for the incident in question. We do not allow character witnesses. The witness(es) name(s), BUID number, phone number, and a summary of their involvement or role in the incident needs to be submitted to the Director of Community Accountability at least 24 hours before the inquiry. The director has the right to approve or deny witnesses to participate in the inquiry. If witnesses are approved the student/organization will be notified by email. It is the responsibility of the student/organization to get the witness to the inquiry on time.
  • Students will have an opportunity to question each individual that provides information during the inquiry.
  • Students may choose not to answer any or all questions; however, a decision will be rendered regardless of participation. If students withhold information during the inquiry (that was available at the time of the inquiry) they cannot file an appeal based upon new information, and a decision will be made based upon the information that was gathered at the inquiry.
  • All inquiry decisions will be communicated in writing and sent to their Belmont email address.
  • The standard review of all inquiry decisions is based under the preponderance of the evidence, which means "more likely than not" a violation did or did not occur.
  • If students/organization fail to appear that their inquiry, they will waive their right to present information and the inquiry will be held in their absence. Also, they will be ineligible to file an appeal.
  • If students/organizations attempt to cancel their inquiry, they must provide documentation and a valid reason for needing to cancel. This must be done before the inquiry. The Director will review the information and inform the student of the decision by email/phone.