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Early Childhood/Elementary


At Belmont University, we approach Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education as the fundamental starting place for a child’s life-long learner. Therefore, at Belmont, we have structured our PK-3 and K-5 licensure curriculum so that that in taking only one additional course, Methods and Materials for Early Childhood Education, our Elementary Education candidates are able to add-on an Early Childhood license. Further, because of our emphasis on advocacy for families and children, particularly those whose heritage language may not be English, with the addition of three courses our Elementary Education candidates can add-on an English as a Second Language certification.

Partner Content Majors for Early Childhood/Elementary Education

A particular strength of the Early Childhood and Elementary Education programs is that our candidates also have a content major in addition to their education major. The strong liberal arts general education, plus the content major added to the Education licensure courses makes our candidates particularly strong teachers of content and teaching skills. This is why our candidates are in high-demand by school districts. The following is a list of partner content majors which can be combined with the Education licensure major:

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

• School of Humanities: English, French, German, Philosophy, Spanish
• School of Social Science: Communications Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology

College of Sciences and Mathematics

• Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

College of Theology & Christian Ministry

• Christian Leadership, Faith and Social Justice, Religious Studies

College of Visual and Performing Arts

• Art Education, Music Education, Theatre Education

Adult Degree Programm

• Liberal Studies