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  • Leading Healthy Change: Understanding What’s Really Going On, and What Does and Doesn’t Need to Happen
    08-23-2022 | 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM | 310 Billingsly Court, Franklin, TN 37067Register

    The Workshop Series

    Few, if any, institutions are more difficult to lead through a meaningful transition than the local church. For years, guiding a congregation to change has been a noble, but largely optional endeavor. That’s no longer the case. We are in a state of permanent transition, and absent effective organizational leadership, the odds of surviving, let alone thriving, are not in our favor. But as pastoral leaders in this new reality, there are trustworthy charts that can help navigate the choppy waters of change.

    This workshop will paint a picture of the healthy change process that will give you and your church the best chance for success. Questions we will address include, how do we identify the realities that create the need for change and the forces that work for and against it?  What is the difference between innovation and adaptation, and why does it matter?  What do the three stages of healthy change look like, and why is the order so important?  How do you handle the inevitable corporate anxiety (and yours)? Is resistance a threat or necessary part the process? How patient do you need to be, or can you afford to be? What two personality types can you absolutely not allow to set the agenda? How can you help create a culture that isn’t afraid of change, and might even get good at it?  And more.

    Glen-Money.jpg Our workshop will be led by Dr. Glen Money, pastor of First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro. He previously led FBC Monroe, Georgia and FBC St. Petersburg, Florida through seasons of significant change. He earned his doctorate in pastoral leadership from Princeton Theological Seminary, and feels his best gift is leading churches to grow and change without blowing things up.

Weekly Webinar Series in Partnership with 7 Faith Based Organizations

In response to the growing challenge facing Christians and Churches due to the coronavirus pandemic, a collaboration of organizations that focus on church health is working together to offer practical content to help congregations be the Church in the midst of crisis.  The Center for Healthy ChurchesThe Church Network, the Presbyterian FoundationBaptist News Global, the Truett Church NetworkPneumatrix, and the Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership will together offer a weekly webinar that will help equip ministers and the congregations they lead and serve to respond to this crisis.

WHEN: Each Thursday 10 a.m. (approximately 40 minutes)
WHO: Ministers in local congregations
WHAT: Content will be focused on meeting the practical needs of congregations facing our current challenges. Topics will include pastoral care in crisis, worship and social distancing, discipleship and social distancing, benevolence ministry and social distancing, re-organizing in crisis, church finances in crisis, etc.
COST: Free

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