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A close-up photo of a nursing patch on a nurse's white coat.


MSN & Post-Graduate APRN Program Goals and Outcomes

The goal of Belmont University’s MSN and post-graduate APRN programs is to prepare advanced practice nurses in the role of Family Nurse Practitioner who can provide clinically proficient, patient-centered care; participate in interprofessional leadership teams; champion ethical decision-making and advocacy; establish culturally appropriate practice; commit to life-long learning; apply quality improvement models and measures; incorporate information technologies.

  • Integrates theory, clinical inquiry, and evidence-based practice to provide clinically proficient, patient-centered care within the context of the advanced practice role, to include prevention and health promotion strategies, and management of acute and chronic disease processes.
  • Participates in interprofessional leadership teams in collaborative efforts to initiate and guide change toward the improvement of patient outcomes and healthcare systems.
  • Champions ethical decision-making and advocacy in all aspects of practice with self, patient/family, community, healthcare systems, and policy development.
  • Establishes a culturally appropriate practice environment that is responsible to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices to enhance healthcare outcomes.
  • Articulates a commitment to life-long learning for self, consumers and the advancement of the nursing profession and participation in professional organizations.
  • Applies quality improvement models and performance measures to health care providers’ practice patterns and to health care systems.
  • Incorporates information and technology to communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and support decision-making.