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About Our Students

Our programs are designed to cultivate greater attention to each student both in and out of the classroom. Small classes provide students significant opportunities to develop close relationships with their colleagues and with the department faculty. Special attention is given to student course and career advising.

Our graduates go on to success in a great variety of fields.  Certainly, we have graduates who run campaigns and think tanks, write speeches for the President, plan initiatives in the White House and walk the halls of capitols.   But we also have alumni who distinguish themselves in graduate school, law school, and in a wide variety of professions.

The department's experiential opportunities are flourishing.  Several of our students have recently interned in Washington DC as well as the Tennessee General Assembly.  Others have presented their original research at the Midwest Political Science Association’s spring meeting.   Add: The department has likewise renewed its commitment to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature (TISL), which offers students a forum to present public policy legislation that they draft in cooperation with other college students.  The department also actively seeks to assist our students in finding opportunities at local law firms and in local political campaigns.

Political Science students are significant contributors to the Belmont community.  Majors and minors in PSC classes are multiple winners of the campus-wide Crabb Writing Award (best written paper completed within a class setting). Some of these winners have also captured the Tennessee Political Science Association Undergraduate Paper Award. Our students have received other campus-wide and/or school awards in numbers far in excess of the number of majors in our program.

Political Science has been an active participant in the annual Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium each Spring Semester, as our students present their senior thesis research. Several of our students have used their research in their political science classes as springboards to presentations at national research conferences.  

Our students possess lofty academic and professional goals, and the scholarly expectations are high in our classes. We believe the work is worth it!