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"What sets Belmont apart from most political science departments (frankly, all that I've ever encountered) is that here the faculty thinks of politics as more than something to be quantified and rationalized before finally being distilled into a dead language that is more fit for a science journal than a free society. If, as Aristotle said, man really is a "political being", then it seems essential that the study of politics never cease being the study of humanity. Belmont does not fail this mandate.  If you wish to earn a political science degree through a statistical analysis of sub-demographics by precinct you may want to consider looking elsewhere (though, to the university's credit, you can still get essential methodological training here). If, however, you seek to study politics out of a desire to understand what makes a good society, what drives the great questions of public policy and what really constitutes leadership, you may have found a home. My education at Belmont has allowed me to deal competently and credibly with some of the biggest names in American politics. Without this faculty and this curriculum, that would have been impossible. It is rare in life to be able to guarantee personal growth. Belmont's political science program is such a guarantee. I implore all those with a decent regard for their futures to consider it seriously."
Troy Senik

"When I think of my education within the political science department at Belmont, I think, "academically challenging" and "socially communal."  Every weekday morning, I looked forward to the diverse teachings and the engaging classroom discussions found within the classrooms on the third floor of the Wheeler Humanities Building.  I found great friends in my professors, as well as my peers, and gained an exceptional undergraduate education, which has more than prepared me for my legal studies."
Meredith Edwards

"The time I spent in the Political Science Dept. at Belmont impacted me in several important ways.  In the nascent stages of my days in Wheeler Humanities, I was quickly aware that my colleagues and the extraordinary faculty were going to play a significant role in providing me with a top-tier academic experience.  In no way were my expectations ever tarnished.  In fact, its best to consider the impact of the department holistically; the personal attention paid to my scholarship, the friendships that were so easily built and the consistent challenge worked together to stretch me personally as well as academically.  In addition, I'm confident I left Belmont a significantly better writer and public speaker as a result of the expectation and encouragement I received from my colleagues in the department.  I'm now prepared me for the future;  moving on to graduate school, I'm comforted with the knowledge that I'm more than ready for what lies ahead."
Ryan Burleson

"The Political Science department at Belmont is outstanding.  The personal attention I received was refreshing to say the least.  It was clear from the start that the professors were genuinely interested in my success and that fact only became more apparent as my career advanced.  There is a major personal learning element to every class in the department.  Additionally, the faculty and staff made sure that I was aware of every possible career advancement opportunity available to me during my time at Belmont.  They really wanted me to go places.  I feel like my classroom and extra curricular experience made my transition into law school substantially more smooth.  By the time I graduated, my analytical and critical thinking skills were top notch and my writing ability was honed to a fine point.  I couldn't recommend a better school for Political Science."
Jordan Sagle

"The political science department gave me the freedom to travel to study American Politics in Washington, D.C. and International Politics in Florence, Italy. All of these experiences prepared me for a professional life working in the exciting world of political campaigns at the local, state and federal level. Whatever your hopes are for a future in politics, the fantastic political science faculty will help you get there."
Corinne Ciocia

"As a political science major at Belmont, I experienced engaging and rigorous instruction taught by thoughtful and accomplished professors. Beyond the coursework, the department’s out-of-class opportunities brought political science to life for me. I was able to work with CNN during the 2008 Town Hall Presidential Debate, travel to Chicago for a Midwest Political Science Association Conference, and attend the 52nd Academy Assembly at the United States Air Force Academy. These experiences, along with the supportive staff, truly make the political science department one of Belmont’s finest."
Ateia Howard

"The political science department at Belmont gave me lots of room to explore and satisfy my curiosities about the formation and efficacy of civil societies around the globe, not least through its rigorous course offerings as its diverse faculty with expertise in state, national, and international politics and public policy. Through qualitative, quantitative, and comparative instruction, the learning environment challenged me to ask new questions, taught me how to find answers, and prepared me for graduate school in the nation's capital."
George Scoville