Environmental Policy

Belmont University Environmental Policy Statement

As a part of a Christian community, Belmont University strives to empower its students, faculty and staff by educating them on protecting and caring for Creation. The university will endeavor to model for its students and the broader community behaviors that protect the environment in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Belmont University will prevent pollution and reduce its negative on the environment by using renewable resources wherever possible, and educating its population on the best environmental practices related to university environmental processes and regulations. By providing a framework for continuous and methodical improvement and supplying reasonable resources necessary, Belmont University the environmental goals can be attained

Belmont will meet these commitments by: 

  1. Develop and recommend environmental objectives as well as solutions to implement those objectives.

  2. Perform initial and thereafter annual reviews of Belmont’s EPA mandated environmental aspects and impacts.

  3. Choose objectives from the aspect and impact review for approval by Senior Leadership Team and assignment to appropriate department on campus for action.

  4. Conduct quarterly audits to assess progress on attaining objectives and sharing reports with the Senior Leadership Team.

The EH&ST will coordinate its efforts with all ongoing campus environmental initiatives and assist as needed with the planning and coordination of such ongoing campus environmental initiatives whenever possible.

Roles and Responsibilities
Responsibility: Assigned to:
Maintaining EH&S Records EH&S Team
Organizing School of Science Efforts Ray Seely & Vanessa Bright
Organizing School of Art Efforts Mandy Rogers Horton
Organizing Facilities Management Services Efforts Mark Grones
Organizing School of Pharmacy Efforts Sheryl Handley
Organizing Theatre and Dance Efforts Paul Gatrell
Providing Liaison with Senior Leadership Jason Rogers
Enforcing Compliance with Targets, Objectives, & Goals Senior Leadership, Deans, Chairs, Directors
Performing Quarterly Review of Progress EH&S Team 
Organizing other campus areas as needed Office of Risk Management & Compliance
Performing Annual Program Review Office of Risk Management & Compliance