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Andi Stepnick

Dr. Andi Stepnick

Dr. Andi Stepnick is Professor of Sociology at Belmont University (where she served as chair of the department from 2003-2010).  She earned her Ph.D. from Florida State University.  She teaches classes in the Sociology of Gender, Family Problems: the Sociology of Health, Illness & the Body; Restorative Justice; Visual Sociology; and Men, Masculinity & Media.  She  researches gender and social movements, popular culture, and pedagogy.   Since 2002, she has organized and facilitated a variety of workshops and seminars on workplace diversity issues.  In addition to writing several editions of a teaching manual to accompany Healey's Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the United Sates (Pine Forge Press) her writings appear in Teaching Sociology, Girl Culture: An Encyclopedia, Teaching Social Problems, The Encyclopedia on Men and Masculinities, and The American Sociological Association Guide for Teaching Sociology of the Body.  In fall 2007, she initiated two new community service programs at Belmont to help Nashville's homeless population and to work towards prison reform.  In 2008, she took students on Belmont's first study abroad trip to India (see and in 2009, took students on unique Cultural Sociology course about the United States called "40 states in 40 days: Rediscovering America" (see  In 2005-06, she earned one of Belmont's most prestigious teaching awards, the Presidential Faculty Achievement Award, for her contributions to students' intellectual, personal and professional needs.