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What Our Students Have to Say

Sociology Students 

Students in Environmental Sociology check out wildlife on a field trip to Radnor Lake

"The small size of the department allows students to get individual and specialized attention from the professors. Students won't fall through the cracks like they can in larger departments because the professors know each student by name and care about their personal, professional and academic growth. Due to the department's small size, students can form mentoring relationships with the professors that are beneficial to the student's growth both as a person and a scholar.

Another great thing about the department is its emphasis on research. By encouraging research skills in undergraduates, the department puts the students at an advantage when they are applying for jobs or for graduate school. I was able to conduct five independent research projects, three of which I presented at BURS ."
-Emily Tanner-Smith

"The faculty and majors were all pretty close, on a personal and professional level. I liked the department because it was close-knit. The majors, minors, and faculty all knew each other and were supportive of one another. The professors were all approachable and easy to talk with if I ever needed help with anything. Also, within the department, there were different personalities and teaching styles, so we received a variety of perspectives, which enhanced my learning."
-Renee Rice

"For me sociology was a revelation. I never knew there was a whole field of study that made so much sense and spoke directly to my personal convictions. I'll never forget my first day in intro to soc, learning about the sociological perspective. It turned out to be a day that changed my life forever. I ended up changing my major that semester and have never looked back. I am currently finishing up my first year of graduate study in the sociology department at Indiana University - Bloomington. I'm well on my way to a master's and planning for my doctorate.

Thinking back about my time at BU, I am really grateful to all of my old professors. The knowledge of their genuine concern for my education coupled with the intimacy of the classroom experience was more motivation than any student could ever wish for. All in all, I owe Belmont and her sociology department so much for all that I've achieved today."
-Brad Koch

"During my time at Belmont the sociology faculty members encouraged me to think critically both inside and outside the classroom while holding high expectations as I continued to grow academically. Any student trained as a sociologist under the guidance of Belmont's Sociology faculty will not only be challenged, but will most definitely learn, achieve and succeed. Although they were often challenging, they prepared me for graduate school and made the transition from an undergraduate to a graduate student very smooth."
-Staci Roberts

"The Belmont Sociology program guides you through your own journey of discovery. I've always found myself asking questions about why certain things occur in life. Studying sociology at Belmont helped me develop my own curiosity. The professors at Belmont encourage critical thinking--rather than dictating answers to complex issues. While they always challenge your abilities, they do so with the utmost support. The professors are unique--with different experiences and perspectives. Students are friendly and inclusive."
-Jessica Serkin