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Criminal Justice

In addition to our popular 'generalist' degree in Sociology that encourages students to explore courses in three main areas (i.e., Institutions, Inequality, and Culture & Social Change), Belmont now offers a new degree in Sociology with emphasis in Criminal Justice.  To earn a degree in sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice, students must complete the following course requirements:  


Major Requirements     (30 hours total)

SOC 2200, Sociological Theory (3 hours)
SOC 2250, Research Methods (3 hours)

  • Any Institutions class of your choice from the following
    SOC 2300, Crime and Deviance
           SOC 3000, Schools and Society
           SOC 3220, Sociology of Religion
           SOC 3230, Sociology of Health and Illness
           SOC 3260, Family Problems and Social Change
           SOC 3440, Sociology of Science
           SOC 3700, Criminal Justice
           SOC 3800, Criminology  

  • Any Inequality class of your choice from the following
    OC 3200, Sociology of Gender
           SOC 3240, Political Sociology
           SOC 3400, Inequality
           SOC 3450, Race and Ethnic Relations  

  • Any Social Change and Culture class of your choice from the following
        SOC 3100, Politics of Knowledge
           SOC 3120, Sociology of Music
           SOC 3140, Sociology of Film
           SOC 3160, Sociology of Photography and Social Change
           SOC 3210, Men, Masculinity, and Media
           SOC 3350, Social Movements
           SOC 3550, The Urban Community
           SOC 3600, Environmental Sociology
           SOC 3650, Popular Culture

  • Plus nine (9) hours of fundamental Criminal Justice courses
           SOC 2150,Theories of Deviance (3 hours)
           SOC 3040, Sociology of Prisons (3 hours)
     SOC 3800, Criminology(3 hours)

  • Plus 6 additional hours from the following criminal justice electives
           SOC 2020, Social Problems (3 hours)
           SOC 2300, Deviance (3 hours)
        SOC 3700, Criminal Justice (3 hours)
        SOC 3400, Inequality (3 hours)
           SOC 2450, Law and Society (3 hours)
           SOC 3450, Race and Ethnic Relations (3 hours)
        SOC 3890, Special Topics in Criminal Justice including the Restorative Justice course taken inside the Riverbend Prison Annex in a course comprised of “inside” and “outside” students.  (3 hours)  Students who meet the established departmental and university criteria (e.g., junior or senior status) can also complete hours via internships or independent studies that focus on Criminal Justice.