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Argos Reporting

Argos is Belmont’s official reporting tool.  It is capable of reporting from any database and currently has connections to Banner as well as several other systems on campus.  Argos provides the ability to view data in several ways:

  • ArgosDashboards: The dashboard is used to gather any input parameters that are needed when you run a report. Dashboards can also display results on the screen.  Dashboards are a good choice when you need to access information quickly, but do not need to save results as you might when running a report. 
  • CSVs: A “Comma Separated Value” or “CSV” report is the simplest of the Argos report types. A comma delimited file is a text file that separates the desired columns with a comma. This type of report is especially useful when obtaining data for manipulation in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. It is also useful when creating files used by third party applications.
  • Banded Reports (PDF): Banded reports are fully-formatted PDF reports that give the report writer complete control over the location and appearance of the information in the report. The term "banded" comes from the fact that the report is organized into logical bands or groups of data.  Banded reports may also include custom fonts, rich text, charts, images, and other information that can help make the report more user-friendly. Banded reports can be used to create mailing labels, letters, and many other output formats that can be printed or emailed directly to recipients.

Accessing Argos Reports

Logging in to Argos

Requesting a report

You may request a new Argos report or changes to an existing one by emailing or using the following link.

Additional Argos Resources

Data CookbookArgos Report Documentation

Data blocks and reports in Argos are documented in the university’s Data Cookbook.  In the Cookbook users can search by keyword to find a particular report that meets their needs.  Each report document shows the purpose or the report, the business terms included in the report as well as other helpful information to understand the output of the report.


OAIR offers both beginning and advanced Argos training classes.  These are typically scheduled early each semester.  For more information or to find out about the next available training class, please contact

Argos Report Consolidation Project

The Business intelligence team has begun an effort to identify Argos reports which are similar and consolidate them in order to reduce redundancy in data blocks.  In addition, other clean up issues include removing duplicate rows in output, verifying accuracy of data and adherence to standards developed by the data standards committee.  As this effort progresses, you will find a list of the old and new report names in the Data Governance community within my.Belmont.  If you cannot find a report that you need, please contact the BI team


Argos Report Request 
University Data Cookbook   
Data Governance Community on my.Belmont