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Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence? It refers to the combination of systems, processes and technologies used to organize and transform basic data into meaningful information in order to make decisions and drive the university forward. Business Intelligence depends on a foundation of trustworthy data that is gathered with accuracy and integrity. Belmont has implemented a system of Data Governance to ensure that our data is clean and dependable.

The real power of business intelligence is bringing data from multiple data systems together into a single, cohesive structure to present a more complete picture and give greater insight into the operations of the university.  BI offers advanced visualizations to view, analyze, and utilize complex data to enable strategic decision making.

A good Business Intelligence strategy will:

  • Provide consistent and reliable data
  • Support reporting that accurately reflects business rules and practices
  • Include BI tools that facilitate reporting and strategic planning
  • Provide prioritization of BI initiatives
  • Include all core university business processes
  • Be reflective of university strategic goals

A good Business Intelligence strategy provides the following benefits:

  • Decision makers have the best available information at hand in the most useful format
  • Reporting  is consistent and reliable
  • There is accountability for clean, consistent data
  • Resources  are consolidated and investments capitalized
  • There is effective support for operational, strategic and analytical reporting

Belmont is just beginning to build out a Business Intelligence presence.  Stay tuned for updates regarding our progress.