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College of Pharmacy students working in the lab.


The College of Pharmacy is located in McWhorter Hall, a space spanning 90,000 square feet that also houses the School of Physical Therapy and Department of Psychological Science. Named in honor of Belmont Trustee Emeritus and Chairman of Clayton Associates, the late Clayton McWhorter, and his brother, the late pharmacist Fred McWhorter, McWhorter Hall offers a number of chemistry and research labs, a working retail pharmacy, Drug Information Center, simulation teaching labs and so much more. These facilities are dedicated student space and work to build a bridge between classroom learning and real-life pharmacy practice experience.

Virtual Tours

  • McWhorter Hall First & Second Floors
  • McWhorter Hall Third Floor
  • McWhorter Hall Fourth Floor

On-Campus Pharmacy

Belmont University is one of the few pharmacy schools that operates a retail pharmacy on campus. The pharmacy provides a working model to teach PharmD students proper methods and techniques of running a pharmacy business and features the latest robotic and internet technologies.

Serving Belmont students, faculty and staff, the full service pharmacy works together with student health services, located next door, to model a managed care environment for the University, a self insured institution.

Drug Information Center

The Christy Houston Foundation Drug Information Center supports the College of Pharmacy and College of Health Sciences and Nursing faculty and staff in their educational efforts and trains students in medication information management. Resources include selected periodicals, reference texts and computer workstations for access to electronic databases as well as online access to the Lila D. Bunch Library.

  • Provide accurate and unbiased responses to drug and medical inquiries
  • House and maintain print and electronic medical resources relevant to healthcare professionals, students and faculty
  • Promote the development of teaching and scholarly activities through resource access and serving as an academic rotation site for post-graduate programs
  • Encourage healthcare providers to be lifelong learners through newsletter updates
  • Explore opportunities to partner with institutions and organizations to provide literature evaluation and drug information services

The center currently accepts drug information inquiries from healthcare professionals within the following areas:

  • Drug Identification
  • Availability
  • Teratogenicity/Breast Feeding
  • Compatibility/Stability
  • Therapeutics
  • Dosage Administration
  • Pharmacology/Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug-Drug Interaction
  • Adverse Effect
  • Drug Screening
  • General Information
  • Reference Material/Literature Search
Location and Contact Information

McWhorter Hall Room 213

Phone: (615) 460-8382


Library Resources

Lila D. Bunch Library Pharmacy Resources Guide