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Programs of Study

Undergraduate Licensure

The Undergraduate Licensure program is a double major program wherein the education student must major in education as well as an additional academic major.  The additional academic major is dependent on the subject area the student wishes to teach.  Please see the chart below for a list of the available licensure areas.  We invite students to contact the Education department at 615-460-6414 with any questions regarding what is deemed an appropriate academic major.

K-12 Visual Arts, Vocal/General Music, Instrumental Music, and Social Work
PreK-3 Emphasis in PreK-3 Early Childhood Education
K-5 Emphasis in K-5 Elementary Education
6-12 Biology, Chemistry, Communication Studies, English, French, German, History, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Government (Political Science), and Spanish

* See university Undergraduate Catalog

4 + 1 Program

Belmont University is offering a very exciting program - our 4 + 1 program!  This program is designed for Belmont students who desire to obtain both their Master's degree and initial licensureHow does it work?  Simple - students complete an undergraduate degree with a minor in Education and a major in a non-education discipline.  Because there are specific requirements for this non-education major (dependent on the subject area the student wishes to teach), we invite students who are considering the 4 + 1 Program to contact the Education department at 615-460-6410 to set up an advising appointment.

Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, the student will apply for admission to the graduate Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program's Internship track.  This track consists of a one year internship in the school system during which the student will complete methods courses and the professional practicum experience (student teaching component).  By being paired with a mentor and participating in the year-long schedule of the school system, the Intern is able to experience both classroom teaching as well as all additional aspects of the school system.  For more information regarding the Internship program, click here, email the program director, Dr. Mark Hogan, or 615-460-6232.

Post-Baccalaureate Licensure: Master of Arts in Teaching
Post-baccalaureate MAT candidate, with appropriate undergraduate majors, may seek licensure through our programs. This usually can be accomplished in 1-2 years, depending on the grade level of the licensure.  For a transcript evaluation regarding Post-Baccalaureate work, email Andrea McClain

Master of Education

The Master of Education is designed to develop graduates who are scholars, skillful communicators, and competent practitioners.