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Forms and Helpful Financial Links 

(Downloadable PDF Forms) 


Verification Worksheets

Dependent Verification Worksheet 16/17
Independent Verification Worksheet 16/17
Identity and Educational Purpose Statement 16/17
Untaxed Income 16/17
Non Tax Filer Worksheet 16/17
Dependent Verification Worksheet 15/16

Independent Verification Worksheet 15/16
Child Support Paid Verification Form 15/16
Identity and Educational Purpose
Statement 15/16

Untaxed Income 15/16

Scholarship/Discount Forms

Outside Scholarship Report Form
Church-Related Vocation Scholarship Form
Multi-Student Discount Form
Third Party Contract Application
Tuition Exchange Guidelines

Loan-Related Forms

Loan Cancellation Request 16/17
Loan Reduction Request 16/17
PLUS Denial/Request for Unsub. Loan 16/17
Request to Return Loan Funds 16/17
Loan Reinstatement/Increase Request 16/17
Loan Cancellation Request 15/16
Loan Reduction Request 15/16
PLUS Denial/Request for Unsub. Loan 15/16
Request to Return Loan Funds 15/16
Loan Reinstatement/Increase Request 15/16

Financial Aid Forms

Maymester 2016 Undergraduate Financial Aid
Summer 2016 Financial Aid App-UG
Summer 2016 Financial Aid App-GR
Summer 2016 Financial Aid App-Pharm 4
Payment Authorization Form
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal &
Academic Action Plan
Proof of Legal Relationship 16/17
Citizenship Status Report Form 16/17

Employment Forms

Student Position Request Form
Direct Deposit Form


Helpful Financial Links

For information concerning your 1098-T form
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Monthly Installment Payment Plan - Tuition Management Systems
U.S. Department of Education
Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit (U.S. Dept. of Education)
Parent & Student Guide to Federal Tax Benefits for Tuition and Fees
Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Parent Loan (PLUS) Information
Funding Graduate Education: A Guide for Prospective Students
Tax Credits for Higher Education Expenses