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Faculty may apply for travel grants to teaching/learning conferences. A call for applications for Fall or Spring grants will be issued during the first part of each semester.

Travel Grant Application | Sample Grant 1 | Sample Grant 2 | Sample Grant 3

Travel Grant Guidelines

One of the Teaching Center’s goals is to encourage the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) in its various forms and manifestations.  Attending conferences or workshops that are directly related to teaching can enable a faculty member to focus on teaching and learning, to discover what others are doing to improve teaching and enhance student learning.  The Teaching Center provides funds to support faculty members to attend conferences or workshops in which a major focus is on teaching and student learning in higher education or on scholarly material that will be used in teaching at Belmont. We attempt to balance the distribution of funds over the course of the year, among disciplines, and between first time applicants and previous recipients.



  1. An applicant must be a full-time faculty member at Belmont. 
  2. The proposal for a travel grant must focus on a faculty member’s experience directly connected to college-level teaching at a conference or workshop.  Online conferences are not eligible for a travel grant. The venue can be a general conference devoted to teaching or SoTL, a specific conference on a particular aspect of teaching (e.g., team-based learning, instructional technology, teaching by the case-study method, problem-based learning), or a disciplinary conference with a significant portion of its sessions devoted to teaching or pedagogy.  If participation in a disciplinary conference is proposed, the applicant should specifically indicate how the content of the conference will inform her or his teaching.  The proposal should clearly indicate how participation will benefit Belmont (as opposed to some outside agency).
  3. Because of budget limitations and the number of requests for support from the Teaching Center, grants will typically be at most $600 per person for a workshop or conference.
  4. An application must describe the conference/workshop, the ways the specific conference/workshop will enrich the applicant’s teaching at Belmont (including linkage to specific courses the applicant teaches), the estimated costs to attend, and any other information that would be helpful in the consideration of this request (e.g., a link to a flyer or brochure describing the conference).  If the applicant is presenting at the conference, the application should also include specifics about other elements of the conference that will inform her or his teaching. By itself, presenting at the conference is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage for being awarded a grant.
  5. An application should be for a single conference/workshop. To apply for a second conference/workshop, an additional application is required in a separate round of funding.  That is, a faculty member may not apply for two separate events in one round of funding.
  6. A grant proposal for the fall semester round of funding should typically be for a conference/workshop in the October-February time period. A grant proposal for the spring semester round of funding should typically be for a conference/workshop in the March-September time period.
  7. Please confer with the Teaching Center Advisory Board (TCAB) member from your college if you have questions or want guidance or feedback prior to submitting an application. If you are submitting your first Teaching Center grant proposal, we strongly encourage you to seek input from your college’s TCAB representative.  TCAB members are listed at the bottom of these guidelines.
  8. The Director of the Teaching Center and the members of the Teaching Center Advisory Board will review travel grant requests and determine grant recipients.  Please send the application electronically to teachingcenter[at] by the deadline indicated on the application.  Nanci Alsup will confirm receipt of the application.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  Grant recipients will be notified before Fall Break during the fall semester and before Spring Break during the spring semester.

Travel Grant Application | Sample Grant 1 | Sample Grant 2 | Sample Grant 3

Teaching Center Advisory Board members for the 2018-19 academic year are:

Ms. Jessica Mueller, College of Visual & Performing Arts
Dr. Amy Crook, College of Business
Dr. Andrea Stover, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Dr. Sandy Holt, College of Theology and Christian Ministry
Dr. Doyuen Ko, College of Entertainment and Music Business
Dr. Elena Espiritu, College of Health Sciences
Ms. Debbie Farringer, College of Law
Dr. Elisa Greene, College of Pharmacy
Dr. Steve Robinson, College of Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Mike Pinter, Director, Teaching Center
Dr. Nathan Webb, Assistant Director, Teaching Center
Mrs. Nanci Alsup, Program Office Manager, Teaching Center