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Parking - General Information


General Informationpark smart

Students, faculty, and staff are expected to park on campus rather than on streets in surrounding neighborhoods.

All vehicles and bicycles operating on campus must be registered and renewed every academic school year. Please reregister your vehicle or bicycle each August on the Campus Security website in 

If you bring a vehicle to campus, you are responsible for observing all parking rules and regulations as well as all federal, state, and local laws governing the operation of a motor vehicle.

Belmont University reserves the right to regulate the use of motor vehicles on campus and may prohibit the use of motor vehicles by persons who violate university regulations. Belmont University assumes no financial responsibility for theft or damage to motor vehicles or contents for vehicles parked or operated on campus.

Belmont sits in the heart of Nashville and is a convenient walking or biking distance from numerous downtown shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Belmont offers Enterprise CarShare and has secured partnerships with Nashville's Metro Transit Authority (MTA) to provide all students, faculty and staff free transportation on MTA buses and the Music City Star rail system.

Rules and regulations apply on all campus property, which includes the section of Belmont Boulevard between Portland Avenue and Acklen Avenue.