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Parking Regulations

A.    Surface parking lots are restricted to use by Commuter Students and Faculty/Staff. Campus guests may also use these lots, but all campus guests must have a guest permit.  Vehicles with B and F decals may also park on surface lots (except the spaces adjacent to Soccer Field Drive) after 8:00 p.m. seven days a week as long as they are moved before 7:00 a.m. the following morning.  All Resident Students must park in the appropriate garage or apartment area, not on surface lots.  See section "R" regarding parking garages for more information.

B.    Visitor parking is provided:

  • All spaces in the lot behind Fidelity Hall
  • All spaces in front of Freeman, Barbara Massey, and Massey Business Center (including the up and down ramps)
  • 5 spaces on P-1 of the Baskin Center Garage
  • 25 spaces on level 6 of the Curb Garage
  •  All spaces located on P-1 under McWhorter Hall in the North Garage


Students, Faculty and Staff are prohibited from using guest spaces prior to 4:30 p.m. These spaces are unrestricted, however, between the hours of 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. and on weekends and holidays to vehicles with A, C, D, E, G, H, and K decals only.

C.    Belmont Central customers may park in spaces reserved for that purpose by the curb in front of the Massey Business Center. These spaces are restricted to 15 minutes only!

D.    Handicapped-parking spaces are available at various locations on campus. However, a properly identified handicapped-driver vehicle may park in any parking lot without regard to posted restrictions. A special temporary decal for handicapped individuals is available for issue by the Office of Campus Security for those who qualify. If the State or the Office of Campus Security has issued a temporary handicapped identification, then it is the responsibility of the operator of the vehicle to have the State-issued identification or temporary pass placed so that Campus Security can easily see it. If you have a State-issued hanging plaque, it must be placed on the inside rearview mirror. If you have a temporary pass issued by the Office of Campus Security, then it must be placed on the driver's side of the dashboard. Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces may be towed without notice unless the vehicle bears some form of identification that indicates the operator or passenger is handicapped.

The following criteria apply:

i. Applicant has qualified for and vehicle displays a state handicapped license plate or other state-issued identification.

ii. Applicant presents a doctor's statement stating specifically that a temporary handicapped-parking permit is warranted and for how long.

iii. Applicant is in a wheelchair or on crutches.

iv. Applicant presents other evidence that his/her ability to walk is impaired and for how long.

v. Applicant may request, in absence of a handicapped space in the immediate vicinity of their usual destination or dormitory residence, that a handicapped-parking space be designated in close proximity. However, no such space will be reserved for the applicant's exclusive use.

vi. A properly identified handicapped-driver vehicle does have the right to back into a parking space. The exception is that no one is allowed to back into any angled parking space in any surface lot or in the parking garages.

E.    Other Reserved Spaces. Some parking spaces on campus may be reserved for special uses. These spaces will be marked with the use of signage, orange cones, and/or yellow tape. Vehicles parked in these spots without permission are subject to towing without warning.   See also restrictions on reserved spaces noted in the section entitled "Violations and Penalties."

F.    Vehicles may not be parked on lawns, in fire lanes, or in any area not marked as a parking space. The inner circle of campus is considered a fire lane and may not be used for parking.

G.    Vehicles parked in authorized lots must be parked within the parking stripes and headed into the space.

H.    Parking is not permitted on sidewalks, crosswalks, or in such a manner as to block traffic. Double parking is not permitted.

I.    Parking in the direction opposing traffic and backing into spaces are a safety hazards and are not permitted.

J.    Motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters must park in designated motorcycle parking spaces only, not in vehicle parking spaces, on lawns, sidewalks, or other inappropriate places. Subsequently, vehicles must not park in motorcycle parking spaces. The only exception is the lot at the Security Operations Center on 12th Ave. and the lot behind Troutt Theatre / McAfee Concert Hall where no specific motorcycle parking has been designated. In those lots, motorcycles must park in regular vehicle spaces, but riders are encouraged to park as many bikes as possible in one space.  All federal, state and local laws apply to motorcycles, mopeds and scooters operated on campus.  This includes helmet laws, operating vehicles within traffic lanes, etc.

K.    Utility trailers, boat trailers, storage units, or other wheeled vehicles of large size will require the approval of the Chief of Campus Security to be parked on campus.  Passenger vehicles may not be used as storage units on campus.

L.    Guests must display a Guest Parking Pass issued either by the department sponsor or by the Office of Campus Security.  Guest passes must be displayed on the dashboard of guest vehicles.   Guest passes may not be issued to students, faculty, or staff members except by the Office of Campus Security and then only for valid reasons.     

M.    Students who live elsewhere and are visiting residents of the Hillview area and Belmont Commons and other visitors such as family and non-student friends, should park on the campus surface lots or in the Curb Event Center parking garage.  The parking located inside the Hillview gated community is generally for "F" permits only. The parking located in the Belmont Commons gated area is "B" permits only and should not be utilized by any visitors or any other permits.

N.    The spaces directly in front of the playground at Belmont Heights Baptist Church are restricted to church staff and church guests only.

O.    Persons loading and unloading instruments and equipment and leaving their vehicle in the street momentarily, must notify the Office of Campus Security Communications Center prior to undertaking this task. The officer receiving the call must be advised of where this is taking place and approximately how long it will take. This should be accomplished as quickly as possible so that the street may be cleared. Persons who are unloading equipment or leaving their vehicle unattended for any reason (without notifying the Office of Campus Security) need to understand that putting on vehicles blinking lights does not provide a defense against being issued a parking citation. After loading and unloading, the vehicle must be moved. Vehicles deemed loading and unloading for an unreasonable amount of time will be ticketed and/or towed.

P.    Vehicles may be immobilized or towed from campus property for serious or repeat violations. The owner or registrant shall pay the tow costs. An administrative fee of $30.00 will be assessed for release of the immobilizing boot. DO NOT attempt to move a vehicle that is immobilized. DO NOT attempt to remove the immobilizing boot. The owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for any damage to the immobilizing device as well as the immobilization fee. The university is not responsible for damage incurred from the use of the immobilizing boot. If a vehicle without a current Belmont University decal is booted (due to multiple parking violations concerning no parking permit or for other reasons) this will be considered evidence that the vehicle needs to be registered in the Office of Campus Security and the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for affixing a decal in the appropriate place on the vehicle.

Q.    Parking in a fire lane is never acceptable. The Metro Nashville Fire and Police Departments have authority to enforce fire lane restrictions on the campus. Campus fire lanes are usually marked with signs or yellow stripes.  These areas include, but are not limited to, the inner circle, the island in the Fidelity Hall parking lot, the drive in front of Kennedy Hall,  Potter Drive, the drive in front of Wright/Maddox, the Bruin Hills Circle, the Hillside Drive area and all fire hydrant locations.

R.    Parking Garages.

  • The parking garage beside the Curb Event Center is to be dedicated to parking for Potter Hall, faculty, staff, commuter students and guests. The students living in residence halls are required to park on campus at all times. "E" decaled vehicles are required to park in levels 1 and 2 ONLY, keeping levels P3 through P7 open in order to accommodate guests and special events. A, C, G, and H vehicles may park on all levels unless otherwise reserved.
  • It may be necessary to empty all or portions of the Curb Event Center Garage on weeknights, weekends and holiday breaks for certain events. In order to encourage the cooperation of those parking in that garage at those times, a ticket citation in the amount of $100.00 will be issued to the vehicles not removed from the premises.
  • Residential students living in Patton and Bear House are required to park in the North Garage at all times. "D" decaled vehicles are required to park on levels P3 and P4 ONLY, keeping levels P1 and P2 open in order to accommodate guests and A, C, G and H decaled vehicles.
  • Residential students living in Hail, Heron, and Pembroke are required to park in the Baskin Center Garage at all times. "K" decaled vehicles are required to park on levels P3 through P5 ONLY, keeping levels P1 and P2 open in order to accommodate guests and A, C, G, and H vehicles.

The parking garages beside the Thrailkill Residence Hall and under Dickens and Horrell Halls are reserved for students residing in Wright, Maddox, Thrailkill, Kennedy, Dickens, Horrell, and as overflow for students living in Bruin Hills and Hillside Apartments.  Vehicles with "F" permits must park in their designated parking areas at all times. Also, residents of Belmont Commons must only park in their designated parking lots and overflow lots.  However, vehicles with "F" and "B" permits may park on surface lots (except the spaces adjacent to Soccer Field Drive) after 8:00 p.m. seven days a week as long as they are moved before 7:00 a.m. the following morning. 

  • All faculty, staff, students, and guests (with the exception of "F" and "B" decaled vehicles) may use the 12th Ave. lot and the lot at the Campus Security Operations Center as overflow parking areas. All faculty, staff, students, and guests (with the exception "F" decaled vehicles) may also use the lot behind BHBC as an overflow parking area. All residential students assigned to garages must use overflow parking areas if they come to or return to campus in the middle of the day and there are no available spaces in their designated garage.

The Bruin Hills, Hillside, Wright, Maddox, Thrailkill, Dickens, Horrell, and Kennedy designated areas are as follows:

  • The parking lots within the Bruin Hills and Hillside Apartment Complexes
  • The parking garages beside Thrailkill Residence Hall and beneath Dickens and Horrell Halls

The Belmont Commons designated areas are as follows:

  • The parking lot within the Belmont Commons gated area
  • The overflow lot located behind the Belmont Heights Baptist Church

All residential students are required to park on campus at all times.