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Student Outcomes

From Here to Anywhere

At Belmont, we seek to equip our students to pursue lives of meaning and purpose and prepare them to pursue their chosen paths upon completing their degree. The First Destination Rate helps quantify how many graduates went on to secure jobs, begin graduate school or serve in the military within six months of graduation. Explore this page to see how Belmont grads are putting their education to work in the world.



of graduates were employed, pursuing continuing education or enlisted in the military within six months of graduation

(84% were employed, 9% were pursuing continuing education and 1% enlisted in volunteer or military service.)

 This rate far exceeds the current national average of 81%.

*The overall response and knowledge rate for this survey was 90.84% meaning data was reported or solicited from over 90% of graduating students.The first destination rate data is the result of information obtained from a survey given to graduates in every educational level (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate) from August 2017, December 2017, and May 2018 commencements, with the exception of College of Law.

Preparing Students for Rewarding Careers

  • Infographic of bear paws depicting the statistic that 13% of students participate in a semester or year of studying abroad

    74% of graduates completed an internship while at Belmont

    From the Class of 2018 First Destination Survey, 35% included “Having an internship with this organization during my time at Belmont” in their response to, "Which of the following helped you find and/or obtain your current job position?" 94% of those students said their internship clarified interest in a particular area.

  • Infographic depicting 34.3% of students that participate in short-term study abroad for coarse credit.

    34% of graduates participate in short-term study abroad for course credit


Where Our Graduates Work 


Illustrated red and blue map of the United States with Southeast, Southwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Rockies, Plains and Far West Regions depicted.


Far West 3.95% Plains 0.89%
Great Lakes 3.5% Rockies 0.45%
Mid-Atlantic 4.62% Southeast 83.61%
New England 0.6% Southwest 2.38%

1,011 graduates are employed in Middle TN!


First Destination Rate by College

  • Jack C. Massey College of Business
  • Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business
  • Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing
  • College of Law
  • College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Sciences & Mathematics
  • College of Theology & Christian Ministry
  • College of Visual & Performing Arts*
  • University College | Adult Degree Programs