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Undeclared Students

At Belmont, you'll develop an understanding of the path you'd like to take and create your future.

At Belmont, you can explore your future

If you haven’t chosen a major, you’re in great company – lots of students start college without a clear idea of what they want to study. And at Belmont, we think that’s a great way to begin your college adventure.

As a student here, you don’t have to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year. We encourage you to explore and experiment, and we’re here for you at each step of the way.


Undeclared Majors at Belmont

As an undecided student, you will have essentially the same Belmont experience as your classmates with declared majors. There are just a few differences:

  • Classes. Instead of taking one or two courses in your major during your first term, you’ll have the chance to explore by taking extra general education courses. These courses might lead to a major, but they’ll count toward your degree even if they don’t.
  • Advising. Once you declare a major, you’ll be assigned an advisor from your department. Until then, you’ll get expert advising from a full-time research librarian or a specially trained staff member who will help you navigate your time on campus.

Applying Undeclared

There are 2 ways to apply to Belmont if you’re not sure which major you want to choose:

  1. Pick "Undeclared" on your application. You'll start at Belmont as Undeclared and you'll have to declare after two years (more on that further down!).
  2. Pick a major that you think might interest you on your application. If you are seriously considering a major, we recommend you go ahead and apply as that major. You can always change it later if it is not the right fit for you. 

Not sure which option is right for you? Get in touch with our Growth and Purpose for Students (GPS) Office! They'll work with you and help you get on the right path. 

What's Your Why?

What's Your Why is a course taught by President Greg Jones and Rev. Susan Pendleton Jones that helps students clarify their sense of purpose in the world and develop a more holistic view of their future trajectory.

Find out if you’re a Sincere Storyteller, Organizational Innovator, Thoughtful Investigator, Creative Visionary or Compassionate Guide – and what that means for your time at college. Take our quiz to find out! 

Resources to Guide You

As you consider your options and move toward your passions and purpose, you’ll have plenty of resources and support. Here are just a few.

  • Career Development. Meet with professionals who specialize in helping students explore their interests. Our Career and Professional Development staff will connect you with internships and other opportunities to help you find your path.
  • Growth & Purpose. Find your way through Belmont and beyond. Through coaching sessions, individual advising and more, our GPS Office (Growth & Purpose for Students) will guide you along your path.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Jumpstart the discovery process by thinking deeply about who you are now – and who you want to become. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and others to get the ball rolling:

  • What are my passions, gifts and talents?
  • Which classes were my favorites in high school?
  • How do I like spending my free time?
  • What do I like to read?
  • What are some of my favorite life experiences?
  • What do people appreciate about me?
  • Who do I know who has a really cool job?


"Being undeclared felt a lot more like a strength than a stressor. I was able to freely explore my options with the help of the staff. I learned so, so much about myself, my strengths, my passions."
-Kelsey Minko


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