Office of University Counsel

Welcome to the Belmont Office of University Counsel. All university personnel are invited and encouraged to contact our office for assistance on matters affecting the University through the appropriate access channels described below. Please note, however, that the university counsel does not provide personal legal services for university employees or students.

The Office of University Counsel serves the university community by:

• Providing prompt, accurate, and thorough legal advice and consultation.

• Helping prevent legal claims against the university by assisting trustees, officers, administrators, faculty and staff develop policies, procedures, and practices which are consistent with the university's legal duties and ethical values.

• Assisting the president of the university and chair of the board of trustees continue to develop a board of trustees whose members are active, well-informed of issues related to their service and able to think creatively about the matters placed before them.

• Serving as an advocate on behalf of the university before external legal, judicial, administrative and political authorities.