Lumos Traveler in a blue jacket posing with the Himalayan Mountains in the background

Lumos Travel Award

Lumos means to shine, illuminate or enlighten.

Lumos Travel Awards are as unique as the individuals who embark on these journeys.

Picture yourself training micro-entrepreneurs in South Africa, learning sustainable practices in an ashram in India, or working with orphaned girls in Romania. These are just some of the projects undertaken by recent Lumos Award recipients, as they have embedded themselves in communities across the globe. 

The purpose of the Lumos Travel Award is to transform the lives of young adults ages 20 to 26 by enabling them to embark on a self-designed international working adventure. Recipients explore, engage and immerse themselves in local communities for a minimum of 4 months in order to deepen their understanding of an issue, project or idea that impassions them. 

Lumos Travel is an illuminating and enlightening experience for award recipients that enlarges their world view and engages them as citizens of the world, preparing them for deeper roles within their own communities. 

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