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Belmont on Mission

Helping students discover their calling through short-term missions to live fulfilling lives of service and work.


Every student comes to college trying to figure out what to do with their life. We get it - with so many options and pressure to get it "right,” it can be tough to figure out where God is calling us and what we're most passionate about. We believe that getting out of our comfort zones and seeing what God is up to in other parts of the world is a great place to start. A trip with Belmont on Mission invites you to...

  1. Develop a broader understanding of God's global activity. 
  2. Participate in long-term and sustainable practices of meeting the needs of our global neighbors. 
  3. Discover where you fit into God's mission of redeeming and restoring the world. 


 Get involved with Belmont on Mission
in three simple steps

1) Find a trip you're interested in.

There are a ton of ways to learn more about Belmont on Mission trips. You can come by the University Ministries office, attend an information session, visit one of our promotional tables on campus, read about various trips online, or fill out the interest form below.

2) Apply for your trip. 
Visit and fill out the application for your trip by November 12th. 

3) Experience a transformed life and participate in God’s purposes.
Join over 300 students a year who experience God at work all around the world as they clarify their calling through loving and serving others.  



 What do we mean by "Missions"?

Missions is not just about a trip that one goes on; it is about how we continually participate in God’s mission all throughout life. Belmont wants to empower and equip students to engage and transform the world. Our Missions and Outreach programming seeks to provide spiritually significant, vocationally relevant, and sustainable opportunities for our students to do so...  

  • read more..

 Need help deciding what type of trip fits you? FIll out the Belmont on Mission Interest Form and we'll try to help you out, or just apply now!

Interest Form Apply Now!






As an Associate Member of Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions (SOE), Belmont on Mission seeks to uphold the 7 Standards in its missions programming in an effort to provide the most transformative and effective experiences possible. 





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