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Early Assurance - PharmD in 6 Years


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College Freshman to Pharmacy Doctorate in 6 Years!

Belmont's Early Assurance program gives aspiring pharmacists a direct, faster and less expensive path to their dream career!

Incoming freshmen who choose pre-pharmacy at Belmont University are eligible for Early Assurance to the PharmD program by meeting program requirements as outlined below.

Early Assurance Requirements

Prior to freshman year or transfer into Belmont:

  • Students must be admitted to Belmont and test into General Chemistry I through one of the following methods:
    • ACT Math score of 24 or higher
    • SAT Math score of 560 or higher
    • Belmont Math Placement Test score of 24 or higher

 As a current Belmont student:

  • Students must complete ALL math and science prerequisites at Belmont with a "C" or higher. Other prerequisite courses may be completed outside of Belmont with approval from the Registrar's Office.
  • Students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA after their first year, and a 3.0 GPA across their math and science courses.
  • Students must be on track to complete 63 credits at Belmont by the end of the second year of study

Early Assurance Benefits

  • Solid liberal arts program as a pre-pharmacy student at Belmont University
  • Admission to the PharmD program is guaranteed if all Early Assurance Requirements (see list above) are achieved*, the candidate meets ACPE technical standards, and completes a successful interview
  • Academic merit scholarships awarded as an incoming freshman may continue for a total of six years of pre-pharmacy/PharmD study, as long as eligibility requirements are met each year. Years 5 & 6 provided by the College of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is waived for students who apply to Belmont’s PharmD program through Early Decision 
  • A faculty member from the College of Pharmacy will serve as an academic advisor during the time as a pre-pharmacy student
  • Preferred access to available volunteer/shadowing opportunities with College of Pharmacy faculty, such as medical mission trips and observation in the University Pharmacy
  • Opportunity to join student pharmacy organizations
  • Open invitation to lectures, seminars, and other special events sponsored by the College of Pharmacy
*Students who do not achieve all requirements remain eligible to apply for admission to the PharmD program at Belmont University without guaranteed admission (see below)

Other Pathways to a PharmD at Belmont

  • 2+4 Pathway: Students who are still on track to complete 63 credits by the end of their second year but do not meet all of the eligibility requirements for the Early Assurance Program are still encouraged to apply to the PharmD program as they enter their sophomore year. 2+4 students are also invited to participate in shadowing opportunities and College of Pharmacy student organizations to maintain connections early in their studies at Belmont.
  • 3+4 B.S./PharmD Pathway: For students hoping to earn a Bachelor's degree in shortened timeframe prior to transitioning to the PharmD. More information can be found in our Catalog.
  • Review our Pathways to a PharmD infographic for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't qualify or no longer meet eligibility for the Early Assurance Program?
  • How do I designate my interest in the Early Assurance Program?
  • When will I apply for the PharmD program as an Early Assurance student?

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