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Tuition & Financial Aid

Individual attention is given to each student's financial needs. Current tuition information and steps to applying for financial aid are listed below. Typically, tuition and fees increase each year between 3% and 5% and are set by March 1 prior to each upcoming academic year.

Pharmacy Program
2023 Fall Semester
Pharmacy Program
2024 Spring Semester
Pharmacy Program
2023-24 Academic Year
Tuition $20,775 $20,775 $42,750*
Student Fee $625 $625 $1,250
Health Insurance** TBD

*For fourth year (P4) PharmD students in full-time APPEs, annual tuition is divided equally between 3 semesters (summer, fall & spring) to account for summer clinical rotations, in essence providing 3 semesters for the cost of 2. This is a cost savings for Belmont students compared to many other pharmacy schools which charge full tuition for summer APPEs.
**Graduate Health Insurance Premium required for all full-time graduate students and may be waived with proof of qualifying eligible coverage.

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Pharmacy offers half- and full-tuition scholarships to members of the incoming class starting in Fall 2023. Assistants will work in a variety of roles within the College and the Office of Admissions, participating as student tutors, program ambassadors, research & lab assistants, and more! Students must be admitted to the program by the end of March to qualify. For more information, please contact

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid