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Department of Philosophy


Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

The Belmont Philosophy Department is a community of learners that invites its students to join in the active pursuit of philosophical thinking and the exploration of profound philosophical questions raised in the tradition as part of the quest for an enriched life.

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Why Philosophy?

Aristotle observed that all people, by nature, desire to know. Human beings delight in seeing interesting things and having interesting thoughts. Your time at Belmont should nurture and expand your natural curiosity.  Pursuing the study of Philosophy will allow you to explore, think critically, and grow in knowledge of the world around you.

A degree in Philosophy is becoming increasingly valuable in today’s job market and presents its holder with limitless opportunities. Philosophy majors acquire skills essential for professional development and advancement, including the ability to read thoughtfully, write clearly, think critically, and converse meaningfully. Philosophy majors even outperform Business majors on the GMAT and English majors on the GRE. Truly, this degree produces well-rounded students who are marketable in an ever-changing job market. Philosophy majors find themselves in successful careers in government, religion, law, education, entertainment, journalism, medicine, and even the military.

Philosophy is even beneficial as a second major or minor. It will challenge you to think more deeply about your primary area of study.  After all, Philosophy includes such sub-disciplines as Philosophy of the Mind, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Art, Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Religion. Various Philosophy courses may be particularly appropriate for your interests, your major, or a major you would like to link with Philosophy as a minor or a second major.

Plato observed that the key to living the best possible human life is knowing how to best live. Traditionally understood, education is a preparation for life as a whole. If you approach your time at Belmont properly, you will emerge not only with better professional credentials, but also as a better citizen, a better family member, a better neighbor, and generally a better human being.

To learn more about majoring or minoring in Philosophy, choose one of the links below.

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Degree Requirements for a Major or Minor in Philosophy

For more information about our program, please contact Department Chair, Dr. Mark Anderson or (615) 460-6494.

Admissions Questions? Contact Karen Bennett.
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