Watkins Students Sweep 2024 Nashville ADDY Awards

Anna Maack Addy entry
Watkins College of Art

Watkins Students Sweep 2024 Nashville ADDY Awards

March 22, 2024 | by Haley Charlton

addy-winners-2024.jpgAt the 2024 American Advertising Federation’s Nashville Awards, known as the ADDY awards, students from the Watkins College of Art once again demonstrated their exceptional talent and dedication to graphic design, with seven students taking home numerous awards in this year’s local competition. In addition to their stack of gold and silver awards, Watkins students also claimed most of the Judges Choice, the Rising Star and the Best of Show awards.  

This year’s student competition was combined with the professional leg of the competition, proving Belmont students’ work is being recognized for its industry-ready quality. Local winners now move to the regional competition to compete for the chance to go to the national level. 

Watkins Professor of Practice Doug Regen said this year’s results reaffirm the graphic design program’s commitment to preparing students to thrive in the design industry.  

“Our program is rigorous, and seeing these students rising to the top makes me proud knowing that their hard work is preparing them for successful design careers,” he said. “At the show, their work and talents were recognized by professionals in the creative industry. The students made invaluable contacts, which will likely lead to gainful employment upon graduation." 

Among the standout winners were: 

  • Caleigh Furyk, who secured a GOLD award for her Frist Gala project and a SILVER award for her Protein Oreo design. 

  • Ramzee Camarena, whose Green Burial concept earned her a GOLD award and a Judges’ Choice award. She also received two other SILVER awards for her Sundance Film Festival and Reeds Packaging designs. 

  • Celine Sanderson, who was recognized with two SILVER awards for her Winterskol and Glaad Campaign projects. Her work on the Glaad Campaign earned her a Judges’ Choice award. 

  • Anna Ramsey, who received a SILVER award for her impactful Body Positive Campaign and both a Judges’ Choice award and GOLD award for her NOW Campaign. 

  • Nick Bazzoni, whose creativity earned him a GOLD award and a Judges’ Choice award for his Addiction Campaign and an additional GOLD award for his Vault Zine project. 

  • Anna Maack, who emerged as a standout talent, received the Rising Star Designer award. Her compelling Solitary Confinement Campaign received several accolades, including a GOLD award, Judges’ Choice award and the prestigious Best of Show award. Her work on the Frist Gala led to GOLD and Judges’ Choice awards. 

  • Julia Bancroft, who rounded off the list of winners with her GOLD award for the Frist Gala project, contributed to the overall success and recognition of Watkins College of Art. 

These talented individuals have not only showcased their creativity and skill but have also established themselves as rising stars in the graphic design field.

Student work was also recognized in this year's GRAPHIS Awards, with Furyk receiving a Silver Award for the Oreo Protein design. Honorable mentions went to Sanderson for the GLAAD Campaign, Camarena for the Green Burial Campaign and Reeds Packaging design, Maack for Solitary Confinement, Ramsey for Body Positive and Bazzoni for Human Rights. 

The achievements of these students reflect the unwavering dedication and excellence of the Watkins College of Art in nurturing the next generation of design leaders.