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The Belmont PharmD Difference

May 21, 2024 | by Clara LoCricchio

Discover Why Belmont University’s PharmD Program Stands Out in the Competitive Field of Pharmacy Education

With deposit deadlines fast approaching, students are gearing up to make one of the most significant decisions of their academic careers: where to go to graduate school. While many pharmacy programs are available, Belmont University’s PharmD program offers unique features that set it apart. Explore what makes Belmont a premier choice for your pharmacy education. 

Tailored Education with Specialized Concentrations 

Located in the heart of Nashville, Belmont offers an innovative curriculum and educational experience explicitly designed to prepare future pharmacists for thriving careers.  

The program's specialized concentrations in advanced pharmacotherapy, health informatics, management, and public health & mission allow students to tailor their studies based on their unique interests and professional goals. Each concentration not only provides depth but also addresses the complexities and dynamics of modern healthcare: 

  • Advanced Pharmacotherapy: This concentration places students in diverse clinical settings, from bustling hospital units at Vanderbilt Medical Center to specialized community clinics. This exposure is crucial for understanding different patient needs and treatment approaches, enhancing adaptability and expertise in various healthcare environments. 
  • Health Informatics: At the intersection of technology and healthcare, this concentration offers students the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, such as developing AI tools with industry giants like Amazon. These experiences prepare students for a future where technology and data are integral to patient care. 
  • Public Health & Missions: Focusing on service and advocacy, this pathway allows students to engage with underserved populations and tackle health disparities. Work at local clinics and community centers like The Next Door emphasizes the role pharmacists can play in public health initiatives, broadening the impact beyond traditional pharmacy roles. 
  • Management: For those interested in leadership, this concentration offers hands-on management experience within the university’s own on-campus pharmacy. This real-world management training is invaluable for students aiming to own or operate pharmacy services, providing a foundation in business operations, team leadership, and strategic planning. 

"Two things really stand out about Belmont's program," notes Assistant Professor Dr. Jarett Worden. "The unique concentrations allow students to focus their studies in areas like pharmacotherapy, informatics, public health and management. Students also get interprofessional experience working alongside other health sciences students, perfectly modeling healthcare's team-based approach." 

No matter which concentration area students pursue, Belmont's innovative curriculum ensures they graduate as well-rounded professionals prepared to make impacts across all facets of pharmacy practice. 

Real-World Preparation for Immediate Impact 

One of Belmont's biggest priorities is ensuring PharmD graduates hit the ground running with the real-world skills to make an immediate impact. The program's innovative curriculum emphasizes hands-on training that mirrors the truly multidisciplinary nature of modern healthcare. 

Through simulations, case studies, rotations at major medical facilities and interprofessional collaborations alongside other Belmont health sciences students, pharmacy students gain extensive practical experience. This immersive approach ensures they are adeptly prepared to thrive in team-based, patient-centered care environments from day one. 

This comprehensive preparation is a key factor in enabling successful career transitions. Amber Morgan, Belmont alumna and clinical coordinator of Moose Pharmacy recalls, "I was able to navigate my PGY-1 residency at UNC Chapel Hill with confidence. Belmont equipped me to juggle multiple responsibilities efficiently from day one." 

By focusing on experiential learning and an interdisciplinary approach, the program ensures that graduates are ready to make immediate and meaningful impacts in their careers. 

By actively participating in the opportunities provided throughout the PharmD program, students learn to confront the continuously evolving communities they support and serve.

Carsyn Snagg, PharmD Alumna (‘24) 

An Unmatched Location in The Nation's Healthcare Hub 

While Belmont's innovative PharmD program is certainly reason enough to attend, its location in the heart of Nashville's booming healthcare industry offers students another considerable competitive advantage. As the nation's healthcare capital, Nashville boasts a $92 billion healthcare industry, over 500 healthcare companies, and many of the nation's leading hospitals and clinical facilities. 

This thriving healthcare ecosystem provides Belmont's PharmD students with a wealth of unmatched clinical rotations, residencies, internships, and future career opportunities quite literally in their backyard. Whether it's working with the major hospital systems like Vanderbilt or getting hands-on experience at local independent practices, startups, pharmacies and more, the city's healthcare landscape is a living laboratory for students. 

"Nashville is the healthcare capital, and that was evident during the amazing rotation experiences, especially during my P4 year,” Morgan shared. “Those rotation experiences were so valuable that I completely changed the field of pharmacy I went into post-graduation." 

With key relationships and partnerships across the city, Belmont can immerse students in a variety of practice settings tailored to their interests and goals. This direct access to opportunities throughout their PharmD journey ensures graduates are primed to transition seamlessly into their dream careers right after graduation.  

Committed to Student Success 

At the heart of Belmont's PharmD program is a profound commitment to supporting students every step of the way on their journeys to becoming exceptional pharmacists. From admission through graduation, faculty mentors prioritize holistic student development. 

"My goal is to instill critical thinking and lifelong 'learning to learn' skills in our students," says Professor Traci Poole. "As health professionals, they must stay endlessly curious and passionate about continuous learning to optimize patient care." 

Belmont fosters a nurturing environment focused on both academic excellence and personal growth. Small class sizes with an 8:1 student-faculty ratio allow for individualized guidance, and the program's Christ-centered community exemplifies Belmont's values of integrity, compassion and service above self. Students emerge as ethical professionals driven to use their skills to improve patient outcomes and strengthen communities. 

This comprehensive, student-centric approach translates to outstanding outcomes. An impressive 96% of admitted candidates receive renewable four-year scholarships. Even more notably, 89% of Belmont's 2022 PharmD graduates secured roles aligned with their personal and professional goals soon after graduation. 

From admission through securing their dream careers, Belmont's PharmD students receive unparalleled support and enriching mentorship. This steadfast commitment ensures they graduate as leaders equipped to make meaningful impacts while embodying pharmacy's highest ideals. 

"The most important thing is teaching key foundations and how to effectively apply that knowledge in real-world clinical practice," says Worden.  

Financial Assurance with Tuition Freeze 

One of the biggest advantages Belmont provides its PharmD students is long-term affordability and financial stability through its tuition freeze initiative. For all incoming students, tuition rates are frozen at the rate they enrolled during their 4-year doctoral program. 

With tuition costs consistently rising 2-3% annually at most institutions, this freeze protects Belmont students from annual price hikes over their studies. By graduation, it represents a substantial savings compared to peers at other pharmacy schools. It's an investment in ensuring Belmont graduates can pursue their passions without the burden of compounding educational debt. 

“Our tuition freeze allows students to focus entirely on their education without the stress of potential tuition increases,” says Dr. Erin Behnen, senior associate dean of academic affairs and professor. “Not every school offers this, and it's something that can really make a difference financially over the course of your degree." 

Experience the Belmont Difference  

For those seeking to embark on an exceptional pharmacy career grounded in continual learning, ethical leadership and passionate service to their communities, Belmont University is the clear choice. Its innovative curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, real-world training opportunities and a nurturing values-driven community empower graduates to thrive as transformative forces in healthcare's evolving landscape. 

"The pharmacy I work for is one of the most innovative community pharmacies in the country,” Morgan shares. “I used to think working for such a great pharmacy was unreachable, but almost four years later, I am still working there, doing what I love — serving patients directly. That’s all thanks to Belmont." 

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