New Leadership Appointed to Spearhead CARES at Belmont University's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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New Leadership Appointed to Spearhead CARES at Belmont University's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

March 25, 2024 | by Clara LoCricchio

Belmont's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (CPHS) today announced the appointment of two long-time Belmont leaders to head the Center for Abundance, Resilience, Excellence, and Spirituality (CARES). Dr. Christian Williams takes the helm as the Center Director, and Dr. Leigh Ann Bynum steps in as the Assistant Director of Collaboration and Education.

CARES represents a groundbreaking initiative within Belmont’s CPHS, uniting seven disciplines to address the world's most complex health challenges. The Center, launched in November of last year, aims to transform healthcare by integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI and digital health by fostering transdisciplinary collaborations.

With a rich background in public health, including foundational roles in state-level health departments and academic circles, Dr. Christian Williams is poised to lead CARES with her vast experience and commitment to enhancing community well-being.cares-leadership.jpg

"I am honored and excited for the opportunity to lead this Center,” Dr. Williams said. “CARES allows us to leverage our CPHS faculty expertise to advance population health. My vision for CARES is to create an innovative hub where interdisciplinary research, evidence-based advocacy and transformative community engagement converge to address pressing health challenges."

Dr. Bynum brings a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical sciences and a passion for interdisciplinary education to her role. She will focus on integrating CARES' initiatives into the university's curriculum and fostering collaborative research and practice.

“I see CARES as a tremendous opportunity to make a difference,” Dr. Bynum states. “The faculty and staff-driven nature of CARES has been the key to our success thus far, and it’s the key to our future. Together, we are building the capacity to implement community-informed, culturally sensitive initiatives so we can address complex challenges and advance health in our communities and beyond.” 

CARES is set to focus on key areas like aging in place, mental and behavioral health and addressing social isolation.

Dr. Sharrel Pinto, the Dean of CPHS, expressed her enthusiasm for what’s ahead. "Dr. Williams and Bynum are exemplary leaders who bring expertise and a shared vision for the transformative impact of CARES. Their leadership is crucial as we strive to make strides in holistic health and human potential."