SCOPE International Celebrates 10 Years of Global Impact

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SCOPE International Celebrates 10 Years of Global Impact

July 9, 2024 | by Jasmine Simmons

Milestone of 100 participants reached in a decade

Belmont's Jack C. Massey College of Business recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its Student Consultancy Opportunities for Professional Engagement (SCOPE) International program. This milestone event brought together students, alumni, faculty and industry partners to reflect on a decade of transformative experiences in global business consulting. 

Origin and Vision of SCOPE International 

The brainchild of Professor of International Business and Marketing Dr. Jeff Overby and Assistant Dean of External Relations & Strategic Partnerships Jill Robinson, SCOPE International was launched in 2015 to offer MBA students hands-on experience in international business settings while providing professional-quality consulting services to organizations worldwide. Overby highlighted the program's growth and impact during the reunion. 

"We started with just three students in our pilot year," said Overby. "Today, we've reached a milestone of 100 participants over 10 years, spanning 11 countries across three continents." 

The structure of the consultancy gives the flexibility needed for the corporate project success as well as matching the diverse experiences and talents of the students. Each year the company and country change, as do the project specifics. 

Overby noted that eight former participants have gone on to have careers in international consulting for countries including Argentina, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.  

At the end of the course, the students make recommendations. All the organizations utilize data collected by the students, and many have implemented a portion or all of the project solutions. 

“The SCOPE clients often comment on the professionalism, new perspectives and energy students bring to the project,” Robinson said. “It’s a win-win for all involved. Real change is happening through student growth and organizational change.” 

The Power of Global Experience  

While in Massey’s Accelerated MBA program, alumnus Tanner Priest ‘19 studied abroad in Argentina and Chile and participated in a SCOPE trip to Amsterdam.  "SCOPE definitely gave me a passion to travel and work internationally," he said.  

Priest works for KPMG and when the option to work for the company in Amsterdam presented itself, he moved with his wife to complete a year rotation overseas, a decision he attributes in part to the international exposure gained through SCOPE. 

The reunion also highlighted the program's versatility, having completed projects across various industries, including two non-profit organizations. This diversity has allowed students to gain experience in different sectors and cultural contexts, preparing them for the complexities of global business. Over the years, SCOPE has partnered with organizations including GCFA for the United Methodist Church, LP Building Products, Tractor Supply Company, Original Irish Hotels and Briovation 

The most recent SCOPE cohort returned from ten days in Singapore where they gained international insights from the non-profit Souls4Soles. 

“Actually being in the country makes a big difference and brings a new dimension to working with international teammates,” said Deborah Goins, a Master of Accountancy student and SCOPE Singapore attendee. “Before this experience, I was vaguely aware of global issues and trends. Being a part of this group has made me more receptive to global events and I have started paying attention to global business issues and various trends around the world.” 

Growth and Innovation for the Future 

As SCOPE International looks to the future, it continues to emphasize developing internationally competent leaders with a global mindset. The program's success throughout the past decade serves as a testament to Massey College of Business's commitment to providing real-world, international experiences for its students. 

The 10-year celebration not only commemorated past achievements but also set the stage for future growth.  With each iteration, the SCOPE International program takes the learnings from the structure of the prior year, adapting and innovating for the future. 

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